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The best Keurig coffee makers

Let’s be frank: Most of us can’t start the day without the benefits of coffee. For some of us, make it two or three. A coffee maker is a staple for nearly all caffeine-hungry households, and Keurig has been leading the charge on fast and easy brewing for over a decade with single-serve coffee makers. Just drop your favorite pod in, fill with water, and let her rip.

The main draw of a Keurig machine is that it makes a nearly perfect — or at least consistent — cup of coffee with the mere push of a button. Since Keurig’s models are based on the same brewing system, you’ll get a similar cup of joe with every unit. But, this doesn’t mean that all Keurig machines are created equal. Some can’t brew more than 10 ounces of coffee at a time, for example. Here are some of our favorite models.

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The best for essentials: Keurig K-Classic

While the K-Classic is one of the more basic models offered by Keurig, don’t let “basic” fool you. The Classic can brew your favorite coffee, hot cocoa, tea, and iced drinks in just under a minute, and lets you choose from three different cup sizes, in 6-, 8-, or 10-ounce servings (for those of us that really need the morning joe). A removable 48-ounce water reservoir means you can get multiple beverages out of one tank, and the maker even comes outfitted with a programmable Auto-Off function. The Classic is a solid buy, but if you’re looking for a slightly more feature-rich model, you can step it up a notch for only a few bucks more.

The slightly more frills option: Keurig K-Select

Take all of the great fundamentals of the K-Classic and let’s crank things up a couple notches. For starters, that 48-ounce water reservoir jumps to a 52-ounce size, which means you can squeeze a little bit more coffee out of your tank. Another size upgrade is actual serving size of your drink. The K-Select features 6-, 8-, 10-, and 12-ounce options for all of your favorite hot and cold beverages. Need an extra bit of kick in your cup? The added Strong Brew mode plays around with the water-to-grounds ratio of your pod, making for a stronger-tasting, stronger-feeling mug of joe. To top it all off, the Select also features Keurig’s quiet brew technology, keeping the hiss and squeals of normal coffee brewing to a bare minimum.

The best business Keurig: Keurig K155 Office Pro

The most business-friendly option for Keurigs, this powerful K155 model is designed with the office in mind. It sports an especially large 90-ounce reservoir to make sure the coffee maker doesn’t run out of water at the worst times (that’s enough for 18 cups), and has an option to quickly drain water if the coffee maker needs to be packed up and moved for catering or other events. The Keurig is also particularly easy to operate, with an LCD touchscreen that allows you to choose between 4, 6, 8 or 10-ounce settings, and adjust the strength of the coffee to your preference. Don’t bother with lesser Keurigs for offices or events: Choose a model that can keep up with the demand.

Best for latte lovers: Keurig K-Latte

The K-Latte is an extremely affordable espresso machine, yet it still offers a lot of features and functionality. It’s compatible with all K-Cups pods, and you can make a regular cup of coffee. But, it also comes with a milk frother and a coffee shot button, so you can make your favorite latte. You may find yourself having to frequently refill the 36-ounce water reservoir, but that’s a small price to pay for great coffee and lattes. The K-Latte can also accommodate a travel mug that’s up to seven inches tall, so you can easily make a to-go cup.

Most versatile: Keurig K-Cafe

Keurig is known for simplifying the process of making coffee, sure, but the company also knows how to craft a nice cup of cappuccino. The K-Cafe System is almost as effortless as using Keurig’s coffee makers. You just brew a coffee shot using a single serve pod, froth your favorite type of milk, and create your coffee creation. The K-Cafe has a dishwasher-safe frother. Plus, this machine has a large, 60-ounce water reservoir and you can brew four different cup sizes: Six, eight, 10, or 12 ounces.

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