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Bottle+ creates sparkling water on the go with the push of a button

A new Kickstarter project promises to keep your water bubbly for longer, while also cutting plastic waste from your daily beverage routine. Bottle+ incorporates a refillable CO2 canister in its base that can produce roughly 15 bottles of carbonated goodness before needing a top-up at its home docking station. A press of the button lets you carbonate to your preference.

Beyond the purported long-term environmental benefits of owning a Bottle+, the Swiss designers are making pledges at the production end, too. They say packaging will be recyclable and kept to a minimum. Factories will also be monitored to meet environmental regulations and social equity standards. To top it all off, Bottle+ has partnered with Cleanhub to collect 1 kilogram of plastic waste for every bottle sold.

A variety of color options will be available, including gray, blue, turquoise, rose, and white. Capacity sits at 20 ounces, it measures about 10 inches tall, and weighs in at nearly half a pound. In terms of construction, the body of the Bottle+ is made of a single layer of stainless steel, and the lid and CO2 adapter are made of BPA-free plastic.

Bottle+ mounted on docking station on marble counter.

If you’re happy with still water on any given outing, an optional adapter lets you shed the extra weight and space of the carbonizing base. The whole thing is dishwasher safe and recyclable at the end of its life.

The Bottle+ could one-up market dominator SodaStream with its portability, though it may lose out in terms of insulation compared to popular double-walled water bottles. It certainly seems like the designers are taking environmental values to heart and are attempting to implement them wherever they can. At the very least, trying to get the world to use fewer plastic bottles is an admirable mission.

Of course, the usual crowdfunding caveats apply: Kickstarter is apparently not a store, so projects can be delayed, canceled altogether, or released with issues. As it stands, there are already design and technical prototypes of the Bottle+ ready, so it’s only a matter of optimizing them now. The final product is expected to ship to backers in summer 2022, provided the funding goal is met by September 30, 2021. At press time, the early bird special of $165 is still available.

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