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For thirsty campers, GoSun’s water purifier purges germs with power of the sun

In the modern, hygiene-conscious world, it can (ironically) be difficult to find a hand sanitizer for quick cleaning on the go, and it’s not always possible to find a sink to wash your hands. GoSun presents a solution with GoSun Flow, a portable solar-powered water purifier and sanitation system. The Flow is small enough to fit inside of a backpack and uses solar power to filter out 99.99% of pathogens from water — including the coronavirus. GoSun says it can kill the coronavirus, but it’s not really clear that its spread via water is an issue. According to the CDC, COVID-19 has not yet been detected in drinking water.

The GoSun Flow is built to be a portable handwashing station, shower, source of drinking water, and more. The all-in-one unit includes everything the user needs including a faucet, pump, filter, power bank, and solar panels. The GoSun Flow can also be powered via a USB outlet.

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Although the uses for the GoSun Flow are immediately apparent with regard to the coronavirus, it can also be used by avid hikers and campers. Anyone that spends a lot of time hiking just assumes that showers will be few or far between (or worse, cold!), but that doesn’t have to be the case. The GoSun Flow has applications for long-haul hikers like those on the Appalachian Trail or the Pacific Coast Trail. Who says you have to stink after walking several thousand miles?

According to the creators, the GoSun Flow can purify a liter of water in about one minute. The product is currently live on Indiegogo with five different pricing tiers. The base-level tier includes the GoSun Flow and all necessary components for $150. The next level includes a faucet and sink for an extra $50. If you want the ability to heat water on the go, though, you will need the $380 option. The other two pricing tiers jump significantly in price, reaching $740 and $1,350, respectively.

The GoSun Flow is predicted to start shipping in August of this year. It is packed with impressive technology and a multi-stage filter that provides clean, drinkable water in next to no time at all. The filter uses an electropositive charge generated by nanoalumina fibers to clean pathogens from the water. It doesn’t require cleaning, but will last for up to 1,000 liters. In a world where personal hygiene has taken on increased importance, access to clean water on the go can help you keep your hands cleaner at all times.

As always, be aware of the risk inherent with investing in any crowdfunded device. Although the GoSun Flow has already been tested in public, there is always a risk when investing in a new product.

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