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GoSun’s new portable power stations use the sun’s ray to charge devices

GoSun’s diverse lineup of solar-friendly products is expanding this week with two new portable power stations. The GoSun Power 550 and Power 1,100 are high-capacity batteries designed to help keep your appliances running when off the grid, whether that’s due to an outage or being on a camping trip. Much like its other eco-friendly devices, these portable power stations can be charged using solar panels.

These portable power stations have plenty of power output options, including a 600-watt AC, a 1,000W AC, USB-A with QuickCharge 3.0, two 5V 2.4A USB-A plugs, a 60W USB-C plug, and a 12.3V DC. For charging, they use a 12-24V adapter, 18-24V input for solar, or 12V if you’re charging it from the car.  Both AC outlets are pure sine wave, meaning your electronics get a more consistent feed of power. That’s good news for your phones and laptops. It also has a Maximum Power Point Controller (MPPT) built-in, which helps to optimize the gain from solar panels. Other batteries lose a lot of efficiency on this front.

The GoSun Power also has an LED display which provides all the status information you need.  The capacities for both models are right on the box: 550Wh for the Power 550 and 1,100Wh for the Power 1,100. The Power 550 should have enough juice in it to keep a portable fridge running for 50 hours.


The most eye-catching part of these batteries is the sizable 450 lumen LED ring light on the back. When you’re out in the woods or at a home without power, it’s very handy having a helpful feature like that bundled with your power supply. Small details such as this show the kind of versatility GoSun’s devices offer in the event of unexpected power outages and natural disasters.

GoSun’s family of products span an impressive range of categories. They’re probably best known for their passive solar cooking appliances, but have since spread out into solar panels, coolers, and water purifiers.

The GoSun Power 550 is available now for $600 through the GoSun website, while the Power 1100 fetches for $1000. However, you will need to pay more to pick up any of its solar panels to charge either of these new portable power stations. They fetch for much as $729 for a 60-watt solar charging table that’s effective for juicing laptops, cameras, and even these new batteries.

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