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Phyn will pick up some awards, unveil two new water-saving products at CES 2020

Phyn, a company that creates water-saving products, has won two CES 2020 Innovation Awards in the Smart Home and Tech For a Better World product categories. The company isn’t just going to Vegas to collect awards, though.
Today, January 3, the company announced that it is introducing the Phyn XL 1.5 and the Phyn XL 2 at CES 2020. The two new water-efficiency tools for commercial properties, large homes, and new construction are based on their predecessor, the Phyn Plus, and fit supply lines up to 2 inches.
Phyn XL 1.5 and shutoff valve photo
“Today, water conservation and sustainability are a growing concern for everyone, especially property owners, as it can directly impact budgets and bottom lines,” said Ryan Kim, CEO of Phyn. “At Phyn, we are on a mission to provide simple, intuitive tools that protect every type of property against water damage. The addition of Phyn XL 1.5 and Phyn XL 2 to our existing product line are a clear next step in our company’s dedication to providing best-in-class products for anyone who proactively seeks to monitor their water consumption and protect their investment.”
According to the company, the commercial sector uses an estimated 10.2 billion gallons of water per day. The company is hoping to change this with its new products. The Phyn XL 1.5 and the Phyn XL 2 measure microscopic changes in pressure 240 times a second to help it find leaks, diagnose plumbing issues, and keep track of water usage. The two devices were put to the test via a pilot program with the city of Sante Fe, New Mexico. During the test,  local restaurants that were outfitted with Phyn Plus devices saw up to 25 percent in savings. One restaurant reported that its water consumption went down by 40%.
All of the Phyn products work with the Phyn app through Ethernet connectivity or Wi-Fi. Using the Phyn Dashboard, a web-based portal, home and business owners can monitor and manage multiple properties at once. “This presents significant opportunities for property and asset managers, homeowner associations, insurance companies, utilities, and builders to mitigate their risk of expensive and time-consuming leaks, save on utility and operating costs, and better understand and manage water consumption on a larger scale,” said Phyn in a press release.
Don’t look for these new products online or in the stores just yet, though. Both the Phyn XL 1.5 inch and Phyn XL 2 inch won’t be available until the summer of 2020.

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