This brew is for you: The Brasii lets any novice whip up their favorite ale

brasii home brewer launches on kickstarter
These days, owning a countertop craft beer brewing system is about as prevalent as a coffee maker. However, the dime a dozen devices all seem to stumble at one incredibly crucial step: making it consistently easy to churn out a flavorful batch of beer. The budding industry’s latest newcomer is an appliance dubbed the Brasii — an automated home brewery that is geared toward showing beginners the ropes and letting veterans flourish. For now, this innovative new device has leaned on Kickstarter to raise the necessary funds it needs to launch in earnest by the summer of 2017.

As mentioned, craft beer homebrew systems are nothing new. What sets Brasii apart from the crowd — according to a company press release — comes down to what the company calls Brasii Batches. A set of perfectly proportioned ingredients, Brasii Batches contain everything needed to produce a sterling batch of fresh ale. Owners simply order a Brasii Batch which fits their particular mood — i.e. an IPA, cream ale, pale lager, etc. — and the company delivers the order right to their door. Furthermore, Brasii hopes to collaborate with breweries all over the globe to give owners the chance to brew their favorite pub’s beers from the comfort of their own home.

“Brewing craft beer is a rewarding experience,” said Brasii CEO and Founder Kyle Hughes. “However, the process can be intimidating and difficult to master. A year ago we set out to create a machine that enabled everyone to experience the excitement of making their own beer at home without the complication of traditional methods. Brasii is the result of tireless designing and testing and we believe that it will revolutionize the beer brewing process for not only beer brewing novices but professionals as well.”

In addition to its Brasii Batches, the company also set out to make the brewing process easy for anyone to handle, regardless of skill level. After picking out a desired batch of ingredients, users merely add water and ingredients into the device, select the intended recipe, and in just two hours, the brew finishes. At this point, all that stands between an owner and enjoying the fruits of their labor is to wait for it to cool down, add a touch of yeast for fermentation, and then patiently — or impatiently — wait seven days for the beer to fully ferment.

A process which can either be enjoyed singularly or with friends, Brasii also makes it easy to share created recipes via its companion smartphone application. What is more, when the Brasii system is not being used to brew beer, it functions as a sous vide appliance capable of producing perfectly cooked food. What other home brew system has that on its resume?

As of this writing, the Brasii homebrew system has raised roughly $6,500 toward its fundraising goal of $50,000. Early bird adopters have the ability to purchase the system for $379 during the duration of the campaign, which is about $280 off its intended retail price of $649.

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