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The new Ring Intercom lets you buzz folks into your building from afar

Wish you had more smart functionality in your apartment? Ring has announced the new Ring Intercom to help renters have a slightly smarter home. The device makes it possible to buzz someone into your building from anywhere.

Ring typically creates products that are easy to install and don’t require heavy modifications to your home. The Ring Intercom follows that same premise. The Intercom connects to your existing intercom handset and is powered by a rechargeable battery. It also connects to your home’s Wi-Fi to provide always-connected service.

Someone interacting with a Ring Intercom on a wall.

With Ring Intercom, you can add extra features to your existing audio solution. Features include Remote Unlock, Shared Users, Auto-Verify Delivery, and Auto-Verify Guests. Remote Unlock allows you to buzz in anyone at your door, even when you’re not home, through the Ring app. The app will also show you an activity log of answered and missed calls. Shared Users allows you to share access to your intercom with others through the Ring app. This way, other members of your home can have the ability to let people into your space.

Auto-Verify Amazon Delivery and Auto-Verify Guests take the stress out of always answering your phone when someone arrives. Select Amazon drivers can enter your location during certain times and leave packages in a predetermined place without you having to interact with them at all. Soon after launch, the Auto-Verify Guests features will provide virtual keys to whoever you choose so they don’t even have to alert you of their arrival. The features can be turned off or revoked at any time.

The already extensive Ring app will handle all of these features and products. You will be able to allow or deny entry or see the activity log of users all within the app. You can also check on any of your other Ring products and connect them for automation.

Currently, the Ring Intercom is slated to release in the U.K. in a bundle package for 150 pounds ($173). The bundle package will include the Intercom, a quick-release battery, along with a quick-release battery charging station. The device alone and itself will be available for 120 pounds ($139). Shipping is expected to start on October 26 of this year. U.S. release availability will be sometime next year, according to Ring.

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