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Indulge your cold-brew cravings with the Arctic at-home coffee brewer

Over the past few years, cold brew coffee has seen an incredible boost in popularity due to its smooth flavor and powerful punch of caffeine. Problem is, the process of crafting a batch of cold brew can be arduous at best. Well, thanks to a New York-based company named Icosa Brewhouse, the process for whipping up a carefully crafted lot of concentrated cold brew just got a whole lot easier. Launched via Kickstarter this week, Icosa’s Arctic cold-brew coffee system requires little outside of a preferred coffee bean and a bit of water (as well as a touch of patience) to concoct a two-week supply of cold brew.

Comprised of a borosilicate glass carafe, a micron filter, and stainless steel lid, the Arctic cold-brew device deftly achieves more with less. Owners simply fill the micron filter with ground coffee beans of their choice, fill the carafe with cold-filtered water (to submerge the grounds), then stick the thing in the fridge for 12 to 24 hours. After the refrigerated brew process completes, a delicious carafe full of cold-brew coffee awaits the Arctic user.

“As part of your daily life, we knew the Arctic had to be designed with equal elements of function and form,” Arctic’s creators wrote on their Kickstarter page. “What we came up with was something sleek, and simple to use, so you can easily add it into your everyday coffee routine. The craftsmanship of the Arctic was meticulously planned down to the smallest detail. Each feature was chosen to enhance the entire coffee-making process, from the simplicity of brewing to enjoying the smooth taste in every cup.”

A simple design deserves a simple price and Icosa recognizes this. For early bird Kickstarter adopters, the company offers the Arctic cold-brew coffee system for just $44 — just under half as much as its intended retail price of $89. As of this writing, the crowdfunding campaign raised more than $26,000 of its initial goal of $15,000 with 38 days left. In other words, it’s already blown past its required funding while the number of backers keeps climbing.

Innovation in the coffee industry isn’t terribly tough to come by, however, the Arctic cold-brew coffee system is a compelling addition to an already bustling field. Not that it necessarily needed to be said but according to Icosa Brewhouse, “the future of coffee is cold brew.”

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