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Natural Balance self-watering planter makes caring for houseplants effortless

Though a proper potted plant adds a particularly dynamic dimension to one’s home, the sheer act of continuously watering a plant (correctly, mind you) leaves many believing their thumbs aren’t quite as green as they’d hoped. This houseplant pitfall is something a Dutch design company by the name of Studio Lorier hopes to remedy with its new self-watering planter, which it has dubbed the Natural Balance — no relation to Dick Van Patten’s line of pet food. The firm recently took to the popular crowdfunding site Kickstarter in an effort to get its innovative new invention off the ground.

Void of any smart sensors or levers, the Natural Balance relies solely on a water-permeable accessory, along with its own shape, to pull off the impressive feat of sparing plant owners from the chore of watering. Owners simply fill the pot with potting soil and a plant of their choosing, fill the water reservoir with water, and sit back while the planter does all the work. Over the course of several days — and even up to four weeks — the Natural Balance’s water-permeable part gradually deposits water into the soil only when the plant requires it.

Aside from its innovative watering port, the Natural Balance’s design allows it to alert users of an empty reservoir without requiring the use of any smartphone applications or digital readers. After unloading the last bit of water into the soil, the planter simply tips over, signaling it’s time to refill it with water. Once full, it rocks back to its original position. Because each plant capable of living in the Natural Balance will likely vary dramatically in size, Studio Lorier included an easy-to-use magnetic slider allowing owners to adjust the planter’s pivot point.

Each planter is handmade by the Netherlands-based studio. To continue to be able to do this, the firm says the funds raised via the Kickstarter campaign will be used to purchase a larger kiln, a new set of molds, a bulk purchase of raw materials, and a set of specialized tools. As of this writing, the campaign had already raised $8,670 toward its original goal of $7,460 with roughly two weeks remaining.

Studio Lorier allows early adopters to purchase the Natural Balance planter for an early bird price of just $39 (while supplies last), which is $23 cheaper than the suggested retail price of $62. Constructed out of high-quality ceramic, Studio Lorier offers its innovative planter in a mint green, pastel pink, and cool gray.

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