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In the Halloween spirit? Canadian appliance firm offers airbrushed skull fridges

elmira stove works skull brushed fridge elmira2
Elmira Stove Works
Just in time for Halloween 2016, an appliance company in Ontario, Canada, named Elmira Stove Works has begun offering personalized airbrushing on any Northstar refrigerator the business sells. While this fact alone doesn’t necessarily scream scary or spooky, it’s what Elmira’s offering to airbrush that fits the bill of Halloween-worthy: a vintage-inspired skull and flame-heavy artwork.

The company also allows any buyer to supply an image of themselves — and a motorcycle or hot rod (if they own one) — to be included in the airbrushing. The scariest part? The fridge costs an astounding $5,995.

To pull off its airbrushed refrigerator stunt, Elmira teamed up with a custom airbrush and fabrication outfit called Studio Uneek. Though the price tag seems a touch steep, it’s worth pointing out that Elmira’s Northstar line of refrigerators are retro-inspired units that come standard with visi-shelving, Energy Star efficiency, and frost-free performance. Elmira allows potential buyers to  choose whether the fridge should be left-handed (via a left-hand hinge), contain an ice maker, or be tailored to serve as a draft beer dispenser.

Concerning the artwork itself, Elmira and Studio Uneek start by painting the fridge entirely black — save for the handles, of course. Once finished, the hours-long process of meticulously airbrushing skulls and flames begins, producing an incredibly high level of detail. Finished using what Elmira calls “orange candy,” the skull and flame design actually glows when exposed to direct light — a feature the company says is not noticeable under normal lighting.

“Airbrushing yields a slightly different look and result every time,” said Tony Dowling, Elmira’s vice president of sales and marketing, to Kitchen and Bath Design News. “This gives the customer a one-of-a-kind piece. And if the customer opts for the customization opportunity, it’s not just a unique piece; it’s a very personalized piece. It fits our signature — For True Originals.”

Elmira is now offering its customized airbrushed refrigerators via its website, and says customers would need to wait roughly 12 to 14 weeks to receive the fridge after ordering.

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