Cheers to impatience! Whym homebrew kit promises DIY beer in 24 hours

Aside from the swath of conveniences homebrewed beer affords its makers, the fact it takes several weeks to ferment means brewers require loads of patience before having the ability to enjoy their spoils. However, a venture capital team backed by none other than Anheuser-Busch hopes to dramatically alter the home brewing process with its latest craft beer kit, Whym.

Similar to other homebrew units in which owners pick and choose the beer they wish to make, Whym differs significantly in one major area: brews require just 24 hours before being ready for consumption. If Anheuser-Busch’s pet project does, in fact, work as advertised, consider the homebrew game completely transformed.

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To achieve its lofty goal of 24-hour beer, the Whym creators boiled the entire process down to just four easy steps. Owners start by measuring, crushing, mixing, and boiling their desired malt and hop concoction to create a mixture of essences. Next, users combine additional flavor ingredients with the created essence and add it to a beer base inside of Whym’s companion growler before adding the specialized CO2 cap to carbonate the beer. After waiting just 24 hours, the crafted beer is then ripe for enjoyment.

“Whym kit includes the tools to make your own drinks — beers, cider, hard soda,” Whym’s introduction video exclaimed. “Experiment and add your own personal stamp with every new batch. We sourced the highest quality ingredients you can find. Our unique growler builds flavor overnight and all the accessories you need are included.”

For the early adopter price of just $80, anyone who decides to give the Whym kit a whirl can expect to receive a sizable package to get them started. In addition to the aforementioned growler and carbonation cap, the Whym kit also consists of a steeping vessel, several C02 cartridges, a funnel with funnel strainers, a thermometer, angled cleaning brush, as well as a booklet of recipes. Additionally, the Whym site also offers interested buyers the opportunity to purchase hops, malts, or adjuncts directly from them, essentially creating a one-stop shop for homebrewing.

As of now, Whym says it’s only manufactured an extremely limited run of 200 Whym kits at the early adopter price of $80. However, anyone who picks up a Whym during its early run has the ability to contribute to future releases — essentially participating in a beta program.

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