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Find out what is lurking in your tap water with the innovative Ecomo bottle

Ecomo Smart Bottle 3D
Although any homeowner would like to believe the water they extract from a tap is safe and clean, recent crises like the one seen in Flint, Michigan, have people a touch on edge regarding the cleanliness of their drinking water. While there are ways to check tap water for lead and other contaminants, what if there was a method for instantly monitoring one’s water supply? Enter the Ecomo water bottle, outfitted with a water quality tester built directly into the bottle itself. Perhaps its only downside is the fact it is not available yet as the brand plans on launching through Kickstarter in October.

Featuring smartphone application connectivity via Bluetooth, Ecomo quickly alerts users of what is in their water such as mercury, lead, dissolved minerals, and many others. To start the quality testing, users simply fill the bottle with water and shake the Ecomo to transfer the contents into the tester. After doing this, the bottle then transfers the results to the smartphone application, allowing owners to easily view what is in their water.

Aside from having the ability to monitor what is lurking in H2O, Ecomo also allows users to set up personalized hydration goals to help remind them to drink water throughout the day. Once again making use of the smartphone application connectivity, the water bottle helps keep track of the amount of water consumed each day and even boasts the ability to sync with fitness trackers.

Available in a wide range of colors — such as gold, silver, black, blue, and many others — Ecomo figures to retail for roughly $129 to those who act on the Kickstarter campaign first. Furthermore, anyone who decides to purchase one of these innovative bottles should also be prepared to wait a while to give the thing a go — orders are not expected to begin shipping until March 2017. As of now, the company only offers the ability to sign up for updates via its website as it prepares to launch on Kickstarter next week.

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