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Zeppidy is your one-stop shop for online real estate transactions

The Zeppidy Home Buying and Selling Platform
Buying a new home can be an incredibly tedious process but a new company out of Portland, Oregon, is hoping to rewrite the real estate landscape with a new online-based service called Zeppidy. According to a recently published press release, Zeppidy hopes to channel the power of the internet to make home buying and selling a much easier process for both sides. Aiming to remove inefficiencies from the current real estate model, the company plans on making buying, selling, and searching — which includes the entire list-to-close experience — available completely online via one platform.

Though Zeppidy admits it isn’t the first company to provide an easy way for potential buyers to scan for houses online, it does boast that it’s the first to offer a comprehensive solution for the process. Be it someone looking to purchase a home, a real estate agent hoping to connect with potential buyers, or individuals hoping to list a home on their own, Zeppidy intends to make the system entirely synergistic. Furthermore, the service will be completely free for buyers while operating on a subscription-style basis for agents, meaning it should be able to avoid throwing unwanted ads at its users.

Zeppidy’s user interface for home buyers

“We developed a permission-based approach,” said Zeppidy founder and CEO, Gary Schultz. “On Zeppidy, property inquiries go directly to the listing agents and DIY sellers.  Zeppidy weekly organized Neighborhood Showings provide buyers a low-pressure shopping experience where they can visit homes at their own pace.  And when ready, consumers can request a referral to an independent real estate agent.”

According to the folks at Zeppidy, it feels home buyers (and sellers) have developed a feeling of frustration over the current real estate model’s lack of transparency and cohesiveness. Because of this, the market as it operates today has created a practice in which it forces realtors to attempt to work with their consumers prematurely. What this does is make the agent seem as though they are actually doing less hard work than they are. As you can imagine, this benefits no one.

“Zeppidy is the first integrated platform where all of the information and transactional capabilities are in one place to simplify and streamline the process,” Schultz added.

In addition to offering users extensive property information to access, Zeppidy also provides digital agent-to-consumer collaboration, unique online transaction tools for both sides, as well as an innovative geographic-based scheduling concept. The online platform is currently in beta mode for consumers and agents located in Oregon and Southwest Washington, but hopes to expand nationwide this fall.

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