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The KamiBaby baby monitor magnifies your little one’s breathing

Baby monitors give parents an easy way to check in on their children to find out if they’re sleeping or awake, but what if the monitors could do more than stream video? KamiBaby is the world’s first baby monitor with breathing magnification. Kami is the premium product line for Yi Technology, a company with a focus on advanced artificial intelligence and edge computing. Yi Technology has now applied its impressive technical background to making a baby monitor that offers more than just video.

KamiBaby uses image processing to detect and magnify your baby’s breathing movements without requiring additional accessories. In addition, it can also monitor other data points like humidity and temperature, detect when the baby cries, has the capacity for two-way audio, and allows you to share the livestream with others.

KamiBaby also provides a summary of how well your baby sleeps to help you track your child’s development. Aside from these features, KamiBaby also has 1080p resolution and night vision to give you a clear image no matter the time of day. The Yi Cloud storage system allows you to access the camera from anywhere and at any time.

For parents who want a baby monitor that goes beyond merely alerting them to their baby’s cry, the KamiBaby is a great option. Yi Technologies also announced two other security cameras that will be joining the brand’s lineup: the Kami Outdoor Battery Camera and the Kami Doorbell. The Kami Outdoor Battery Camera is a wire-free outdoor security camera with a 140-degree field of view, Alexa support, and 1080p resolution.

Due to its wire-free nature, the Kami Outdoor Battery Camera can be placed nearly anywhere as long as it is within Wi-Fi range of your home. The PIR motion sensor will alert you whenever anything moves in front of the camera and has been designed to avoid false triggers from insects and other small creatures.

The Kami Doorbell is Yi Technology’s take on smart doorbells. It has the features you expect from a smart doorbell, but with an added bonus: facial recognition. The Kami Doorbell will notify you when familiar faces (or unfamiliar faces) are at the door. Yi Technology first debuted these devices at CES 2020. Digital Trends will keep you updated as more details emerge.

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