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This expanding tiny home gets less tiny at the press of a button

As the tiny home movement continues to build a full head of steam popularity-wise, savvy architects the world over remain steadfast in their efforts to innovate the industry. This week, a particularly inventive take not only seems to push the tiny home business forward but the RV market as well. Designed and built by a company named Tiny Idahomes (see what it did there?), the unnamed home in question boasts all the aesthetic qualities of a tiny home — miniature awnings, small living spaces, etc. — but functions like a recreational vehicle. That is, it expands and shrinks parts of its quarters with the simple push of a button — a literal house on wheels.

When we say Tiny Idahomes’ creative moving home is small, we really mean it. Measuring at just 250 square feet with all the available compartments extended to their max, this dwelling is the epitome of tiny. From the looks of its photos, this 26-foot-long residence appears to only be livable while in its expanded iteration — yet another feature it’s borrowed from its recreational vehicle kin. Once it’s stationary enough for owners to allow it to truly stretch its living spaces, the home features a fully functioning kitchen, roomy bedroom, and cozy lounging area. The designers even included a couch-turned-bed in the lounge for guests.

Tiny Idahomes also included an LED-lit standard bathroom with toilet, sink, and shower functionality, along with a spacious (in tiny home terms) storage loft. To maintain its quality, the company incorporated built-in gutters, triple-seal insulation, a sleek metal rooftop, and board and batten siding. While propane powers the home’s oven, owners of this rolling house could make use of solar panels fixed to the roof instead of utilizing the two 12V batteries for energy. Furthermore, four water tanks stay with the unit at all times, providing a well of fresh water or convenient storage for accumulated waste.

An imaginative tiny home, no doubt, but perhaps its best feature is the fact that this mobile pad is currently on the market. Packing roughly 4,000 total miles on its odometer, the sellers are asking for just shy of $69,000. If you’ve ever fancied life as a tiny homer, there are few (if any) on the market as versatile and original as Tiny Idahomes’ RV-inspired rolling digs.

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Verizon expands 5G service with home and business mobile internet in new cities
Verizon 5G Super Bowl

Verizon users can expect an expansion in 5G services starting today. Including both 5G home internet and Verizon 5G for Business, the carrier announced starting today both 5G options are now available in Birmingham, Alabama, Fort Wayne, Indiana, and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Similarly, remote work residents can rejoice with these new cities added to their lineup, 5G Home will now be available in 60 cities across the United States. 

According to an announcement by Verizon, 5G Home’s download speeds have increased to up to 1Gbps with typical download speeds of 300Mbps. To attract customers, Verizon is also offering up to $500 to cover early termination fees for those who wish to leave their current internet provider and switch to the 5G home internet.

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Specifically, this is the service that T-Mobile launched in April. Subscribers to the service receive a wireless "Internet Gateway" device to install in their homes, which can be managed with a companion app. The Internet Gateway is all wireless, as opposed to a traditional wired broadband modem. In theory, can be installed anywhere in your home in approximately 15 minutes.

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