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Bring Polygons, the origami-like, all-in-one measuring spoon, into the fold

For all the ways a batch of measuring spoons helps an ordinary cook in the kitchen, one attribute it certainly isn’t getting high marks in is its ability to be a jack-of-all-trades. That is, until an innovative new measuring device called Polygons took to Kickstarter this month and sparked an absolute frenzy on the popular crowdfunding site. Described as an “origami-like measuring spoon,” Polygons is the multifaceted cooking utensil that aims to make anyone’s time in the kitchen loads more manageable.

A completely flat device in its native state, Polygons features several premarked areas across its surface that allow owners to easily fold it into any tablespoon or teaspoon size they may need. Simply picking up either the tablespoon or teaspoon Polygons along any of its clearly marked scores quickly transforms it into the desired measuring spoon. Because of its naturally flat design, cleaning this cleverly designed ware requires nothing more than some hot water and a soapy sponge.

“When designing Polygons, we wanted to focus on making our product not only durable but also better for the environment than traditional measuring spoons,” said the Polygons creator on its Kickstarter page. “The hinges of Polygons are made of TPR, which have the property of being able to flex 100,000 cycles without failure. This means, even if you were to use it 25 times a day, every day, the hinges would outlast 10 years!”

Eco-friendly and easily storable, Polygons not only boasts the ability to make cooking less stressful but it also deftly manages to help clean up those typically cluttered kitchen drawers. What’s more is this revolutionary kitchen gadget won’t break the bank — despite ushering in a new era of measuring — and costs Kickstarter adopters just $12 for a complete set (one teaspoon and one tablespoon Polygons). It’s unknown what the actual retail price of the spoon will be once its Kickstarter campaign concludes.

As of this writing, Polygons has raised an astounding $71,680 and doesn’t appear likely to slow down anytime soon — seriously, it amassed roughly $3,000 during the time it took to write this up. With 39 days left to go in its campaign — of which it only aimed to raise $10,000 — it’s not the least bit careless to deem Polygons a resounding crowdfunding success.

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