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The Arlo Security System brings all-in-one functionality thanks to its multisensor

If CES 2022 is a boxing ring, Arlo has thrown one of the first punches with the announcement of the Arlo Security System, an all-in-one DIY solution to home security. It’s not only a 2022 CES Innovation Award honoree, but it also features an all-in-one multisensor capable of eight different sensing functions that include motion, when a door or window opens or is tilted, water leaks, light and temperature changes, and the alarm patterns of T3 and T4 smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Perhaps the most impressive part is the size of the sensor. At just 1.1-inches wide, the multisensor is discrete and fits anywhere in the home without hardwiring. A more flexible sensor (with more flexible placement options) means better security overall.

The Arlo Security System features an NFC reader.

In addition to the multisensor, the Arlo Security System also packs in a security hub with an integrated keypad. It syncs with all Arlo smart security cameras, the Arlo App, and the Arlo Secure service plan to provide in-depth home security and monitoring.

The Arlo Security System hub has a built-in siren, motion detector, and smoke/carbon monoxide sensor. It’s also backlit to make it easier to see at night — not that you’ll use the keys much, since it also includes an NFC reader so you can arm or disarm it with a tap of your phone.

For those that prefer to perform their own security monitoring, the Arlo Security System is an excellent addition to what’s available.

In addition to launching the Arlo Security System, Arlo had another major bit of news: the company has joined the Matter Alliance in an effort to make the smart home more open-source and more easily accessible to everyone.

Matter promotes a more inclusive smart home where every device can interact with every other device. Arlo is the latest of a litany of companies that have joined in an effort to create the kind of smart home everyone dreams of.

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