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As cool as the other side of the pillow: Kryo system promises a better night’s rest

Kryo Sleep Performance
Whether you know it or not, the temperature of your bed at night often stands between getting a true night’s rest and feeling as though you’ve barely slept a wink. Because of this, Mooresville, North Carolina, native Todd Youngblood co-founded Kryo, a water-based, application-controlled mattress topper which actively keeps beds as cool as 60 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the night. Geared toward enhancing someone’s REM sleep — thus making them feel more rested — Kryo promises to help users with a deeper sleep each night. Recently launched via the crowdfunding site Indiegogo at a fraction of its intended retail price, Youngblood’s innovative device can help almost anyone.

By simply placing the Kryo system on top of a mattress, owners have the ability to utilize the product’s companion device to regulate the temperature of their bed each night. Be it as cool as 60 degrees or as warm as 68 degrees — or anywhere in the middle — Kryo gives users complete control. According to the Indiegogo page, 85 percent of people report having trouble fall asleep while 43 percent of couples cannot decide on a correct sleep temperature. The campaign also states 100 percent of athletes require recovery — sleep — after exercising and Kryo wants to help.

“Our smart, cooling, sleep solution is designed to help you sleep better by sleeper cooler,” Youngblood stated in the campaign’s video. “The recommended sleep temperature is as cool as 60-degrees Fahrenheit. This isn’t a question of comfort, this is how we can dramatically improve sleep by sculpting sleep cycles.”

As of now, the team behind Kryo offers the device for just $120 — 60 percent off the retail price of $299. Not only does the team stand behind its technology for providing a better night’s sleep but it is allowing interested buyers the opportunity to purchase the device at a steep discount. The cooling mattress pad also allows couples to adjust the temperature for each side of the bed, meaning it will not be terribly difficult to decide on what is best for each partner.

As of publication, Kryo has raised just north of $8,000 toward its fundraising goal of $50,000 with roughly a month left in the campaign. If it is a better night’s sleep you seek — and you feel temperature may be the culprit for not allowing it to happen — the Kryo appears up to the task.

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