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Weekend Workshop: How to make a kick-ass pocket slingshot in an hour

How To Make Pocket Slingshots - "Super Shooters"
Need something to keep you busy this weekend? We’ve got you covered. The Weekend Workshop is our weekly column in which we showcase a badass DIY project that you can complete with minimal skills and expertise. We’ve dug through all the online tutorials and gone the extra mile to pinpoint projects that are equal parts easy, affordable, and fun. So put on your work pants, grab your tool belt, and head to the garage. It’s time to start building!

A solid weekend project doesn’t always need to consist of countless hours of measuring, cutting, and fitting for it to feel rewarding. Rather, a truly satisfying venture into DIY territory needs only to produce something that’s entertaining to use and enjoyable to put together. This kind of project is exactly what weekend experimenter and tinkerer Grant Thompson just accomplished with a small toy he refers to as a pocket slingshot. Much to its namesake, a final rendition of Thompson’s creation packs a serious slingshot punch, capable of flinging mini marshmallows at breakneck speeds.

Thompson shared his creation on YouTube. Anyone with a spare soda bottle, a bag of balloons, and a hack saw can put one of these together in under an hour. To help you get started on piecing together this easy yet fun DIY project, we’ve gone ahead and sifted through Thompson’s video to find the exact list of tools and materials required for pulling off the build.

It’s worth noting that with any project that requires the use of scissors or a hacksaw, we recommend wearing protective gear and also understanding how to use either of the tools. If you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself, ask someone to help or sit this project out. Also, we can’t stress enough to not use this slingshot for anything other than entertainment. Don’t go shooting any sharp objects with it or aiming for people’s heads and faces. This is meant to be fun. With that said, here’s what you’ll need to get started:


  • Sandpaper
  • Hacksaw
  • Scissors


  • Wide mouth cap from a soda, Gatorade, Sobe, etc. bottle
  • Balloons
  • Marshmallows, of course

With the necessary build list at the ready, it’s now time to start piecing together your own pocket slingshot. Simply follow the instructions laid out in Thompson’s YouTube video and in a mere matter of minutes, you’ll be outfit with a completely innovative new pocket launcher. Happy building!

The entire walkthrough for building this DIY pocket slingshot can be found via Grant Thompson’s YouTube channel.

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