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Sur La Table hopes $130 price tag won’t weigh down feature-heavy kitchen scale

Perfect Kitchen PRO
How much would you pay for a reliably efficient kitchen scale that’s geared toward making you a better cook? While it’s likely many people would cringe at spending $130 on one, kitchenware retailer Sur La Table hopes the features native to the new Perfect Kitchen Pro Smart Scale will make its price tag completely unnoticeable.

If you think $130 is utterly ridiculous for a mere scale, fret not, because the Perfect Kitchen package also includes a stand for the scale, set of mixing bowls, cocktail shaker, and plastic smoothie cup.

What it packs under the hood does score the product a few points innovation-wise. For starters, it boasts smartphone application integration, which helps users correctly weigh out everything from the ingredients required for perfect cupcakes to the proper mixture needed for a refreshing mint mojito. Owners simply place a weight device of choice on the scale — like a cup, mixing bowl, blender pitcher, etc.– and as they add certain ingredients, the companion application registers their relative weight and notifies when it’s time to move on to another ingredient.

“We’re excited to launch Perfect Kitchen Pro, which combines all of our smart kitchen products into one easy-to-use package. We’re also thrilled to share it exclusively with Sur La Table customers, because we know they share our passion for finding new ways to improve our lives in the kitchen,” said Perfect Company co-founder Michael Wallace. “The scale and apps not only make the process of making amazing cocktails, baked goods, and blended items more fun, but they also cut the amount of time spent measuring and cleaning up. That means more time to enjoy what you make, which is ultimately what cooking is all about!”

A combination of three apps allows owners to access Perfect Kitchen’s entire suite of available recipes. Available for download via the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, or Amazon’s app center, Perfect Drink, Perfect Bake, and Perfect Blend grant users the complete Perfect Kitchen Pro experience. Once a recipe is selected through each application’s interface, users simply adjust up or down the amount of each ingredient needed, and the required ingredients list shrinks or grows immediately. “No measuring cups or spoons are ever needed,” according to a press release.

Despite its well of available features and benefits, it’s hard not to get hung up on the Perfect Kitchen Pro’s price tag — especially when there are loads of other scales that have the ability to accomplish a near identical experience.

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