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Man caves don’t get more extravagant than this $950K floating home in Seattle

Perhaps it was Nora Ephron’s 1993 rom-com Sleepless in Seattle that brought about the concept of living on a houseboat to the masses but the idea of calling a floating home, well, home has been alive and well for decades. Anymore, this desire to be a person of the sea has reached an absolute fever pitch in terms of popularity, with many of the most extravagant houseboats selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars. So it shouldn’t be all that surprising to hear that a floating home — in Seattle, no less — just hit the real estate market touting an astounding $950,000 price tag. Zillow also calls it “the most beautiful man cave you’ll ever see,” though we’re unsure if that’s one of the real estate agent’s biggest selling points.

Located off East Allison Street in north of downtown Seattle, this floating abode is packed to the gills with stylish decor as nearly every inch of its 1,100 square feet are utterly gorgeous. Sure, modern houseboats are gorgeous; we found one that looks just like an egg. But it’s nothing like this: With matching wood floors and ceilings, this houseboat gives off a delightfully natural vibe. Entering the home drops visitors into its living room where a stone-clad fireplace, flat-screen TV, and oversized couch greets them. Just beyond these common quarters is a diner-style dinner table flanked by a beautiful, half-circle leather booth.

“I was a custom home builder at the time [of it being built], and I wanted to live on the water, so I basically found this to be the most accessible way to do it,” owner Matthew Pontious told Zillow. “I wanted to make it feel more like a house than a boat, and a lot of the elements are green.”

All told, Pontious’ houseboat is a two-bedroom, two bathroom residence with a modern kitchen, plenty of open counter space, and a functional rooftop lounge area. With windows surrounding most of living room, kitchen, and dining room, the home takes in a load of daylight while offering gorgeous views of the surrounding marina. Pontious also pointed out that he loves the fact that you’ll never know what might drift by the home saying, “it could be kayaks going by, or ducks, or a giant ship.”

No doubt a beautifully built home but considering its price tag, we’re content with simply daydreaming for now. But if YOU’RE ready to get started, here’s how to build a better man cave. We’ll be buy with the beers as soon as you’re done.

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