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Airstream Basecamp is back for those seeking a smaller, more affordable trailer

Airstream Basecamp: Basecamp 2.0
For nearly a century, the Ohio-based company Airstream built its now-iconic legacy designing and manufacturing some of the finest travel trailers available. The brand recently announced it’s adding to an already impressive lineup of trailers by finally rereleasing one of its most beloved options, dubbed the Airstream Basecamp. A smaller, more portable model, the new-and-improved Basecamp features an array of 21st century tech capable of striking any millennial fancy — while remaining easy on their pocketbook.

Starting at just shy of $36,000, Airstream’s Basecamp is a bona fide steal compared to the rest of the company’s cast of 19- to 30-foot trailers touting price tags between $45,000 to $140,000. The smallest trailer of the bunch, the Basecamp measures a reasonable 16 feet, 3 inches in length and is clearly designed to function best for two people.

“The Basecamp is really designed for someone who wants something that’s maybe a little more rugged or a little more off-road,” said Airstream CEO Bob Wheeler. “It’s smaller, lighter, it’s got more ground clearance, easier to get into tight spaces, but it’s really not a compromise. It’s got everything full-functioning travel trailers have — sleeping for two, seating for five, a full wet bath, a full kitchen, a refrigerator, storage for all your gear. It’s just done in a more compact shape.”

Towable using an SUV, the Basecamp’s unique design (in addition to its modest price tag) allows it to truly stand out from the travel trailer pack. As Wheeler points out, its diminutive size doesn’t detract from its overall function. Boasting Airstream’s iconic aluminum exterior, the company also includes panoramic windows at the front to give anyone inside a front-row view of their destination. With a wood tone aesthetic adorning its interior, it looks perfectly at home in the outdoors.

And then there’s the tech. Airstream went full futuristic with the Basecamp, outfitting the trailer with a solar prewire kit that allows owners to easily install their own solar panels and take advantage of its renewable power inputs. It also includes a number of USB ports to keep smart gadgets charged, a lockable technology dock, and an innovative and efficient heating, ventilation, and hot water system. Even its storage capacity allows owners to stash gear and equipment easily without it getting in the way.

A genuine force in its industry, Airstream prides itself on the community it’s created and in developing products that allow people to “enjoy the open road in comfort and without worry.

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