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The best heated jackets

These surprisingly affordable heated jackets will keep you toasty all winter

The advent of heated jackets is a real game-changer when it comes to staying warm while outside during the winter. These coats combine some of the best materials and insulators from the outdoor industry, with integrated heating elements, and efficient battery packs to create a cozy option for those who simply can’t stand the cold. Wearing one is lot like having a heated blanket that you can take with you anywhere, making those chilly morning a bit easier to accept.

It wasn’t all that long ago that heated jackets were a bit of a novelty, but now there’s a number of good options to choose from. Not all of those jackets are created equal however, and some offer better technology and performance than others. If you’ve been considering adding a heated jacket to your wardrobe these are the ones should be on your short list, deftly mixing form and function to fend off frigid conditions.

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Ravean Down X Heated Jacket ($300)

Ravean was one of the first companies to show that a heated jacket could actually look fashionable and functional at the same time. As such, its Down X model includes some nice features in addition to its integrated heating elements. For instance, as its name implies, this coat uses down insulation to keep the wearer warm even when it isn’t powered on. It also comes with a removable hood and thumb loops to keep your hand warm, and it is made from fabrics that are weather-resistant too. Its included battery pack offers as much as 10 hours of on-the-go warmth and can be recharged in less than 90 minutes thanks to its 12-volt wall adapter. Best of all, the Ravean Down X will turn heads on the street with its good looks and clean design.


8K Flexwarm Heated Hoodie ($316)

Available for both men and women, the 8K Flexwarm Heated Hoodie is everything you could ask for in a heated jacket, and then some. It features three temperature settings and three different warming zones, which can be turned on independently of one another using the built-in control system or a smartphone app for iOS and Android. That same app allows users to adjust the temperature to the exact setting they want as well, foregoing the three built-in presets. The included USB battery pack can provide as much as 13 hours of warmth, which compares favorably to most other heated jackets on the market. A second USB port on the battery pack can help keep your phone charged while on the go too. Sizes range from small to XXL, with four colors – black, green, white, and blue – to choose from.

Dewalt Heated Softshell ($177)

Mostly known for designing cordless drills, saws, and other tools , Dewalt has its own line of heated jackets as well. Unsurprisingly, those jackets are made for use at a cold jobsite, although they can just as easily be used for running errands around town or hiking a trail too. Dewalt’s heated softshell uses the same battery packs as its power tools, providing up to 7 hours of warmth on a single charge. The coat also features three temperature settings, four heating zones, and two built-in USB ports for charging other gadgets too. Made from wind and water-resistant fleece fabrics, this jacket was made to not inhibit motion in any way, while offering a trim, body-hugging fit.

Ororo Sports Heated Jacket ($165)

Built to be an active softshell for use in the outdoors, the Ororo Sports Heated Jacket is wind and water resistant, comes with a soft fleece liner, and has a detachable hood. It also features an athletic cut designed that doesn’t impede motion while hiking, climbing, or mountain biking. The jacket’s heating elements, which include three temperature settings are nicely placed in the chest and back to provide maximum warmth to the wearer’s core. This jacket doesn’t ship with a battery pack included, which means you can use one that you already have if you so choose. Alternatively, Ororo will sell you one with 5200 mAh of power for an additional $70. That portable charger can provide up to 8 hours of heat on a full charge.


Gobi Heat Shift Snowboard Jacket ($259)

Gobi Heat (formerly Dragon Heatwear) has released a heated jacket called the Shift that was built specifically with snowboarders in mind. As a result, it has some interesting features that other heated jackets don’t, including pit-zips for venting excess warmth, an integrated snow skirt to keep powder from reaching the interior, and a helmet compatible hood too. Beyond that however, the Shift also features five independent heat zones, with one on the back and four on the front, for increased coverage. An included battery pack reportedly offers up to 9 hours of useage on a single charge, with low, medium, and high temperature settings.


Bosch 12V Max Heated Jacket ($200)

Another power tool manufacturer that has its own line of heated jackets and apparel is Bosch. The company’s 12V Max Heated Jacket uses the company’s 12-volt battery packs to power the integrated heating system, which has three temperature settings and a 6 hour runtime. With its five pockets, built-in tool belt, and USB port for charging a smartphone, this jacket is made for use around the jobsite, although its rain and wind-proof fabrics allow it to pull double-duty on the trail too. Athletic and stylish looking, this jacket is a favorite amongst contractors and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

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