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Live large in a small space with Drake, one of the craziest travel trailers

As the world evolves to embrace smaller living spaces, new travel trailers, and RVs spring up around the country. Some are designed for a specific purpose such as off-the-grid living, backcountry travel, or weekend adventures. Others were made for families to live luxuriously, like Airstream’s new Globetrotter. Certain trailers really catch the eye while alternatives feature unique functionality, such as the Escapod Topo Series which was built for rugged terrain. The Land Ark company introduces one of the craziest travel trailers we’ve seen yet — Drake, serving as a combined exquisite modern living experience and off-the-grid home.

Drake is a fashionably designed house sized like an RV to offer you unparalleled freedom. It’s capable of sleeping up to seven people through a masterful use of space — so you can travel with the whole family. Drake features two lofts and a flex room that you can customize to meet your needs. The trailer provides for more than 350 square feet of space including the lofts — one which fits a king mattress and a secondary that fits a queen. The flex room can be utilized as a closet, storage area, or fit with an additional queen mattress.

The exterior looks sleek with corrugated black metal siding and 14 dual-pane windows. The insulation was implemented so that the Drake will fair well in all weather conditions including the heaviest of snow storms, with the roof engineered specifically to uphold ski resort snow loads. The interior is extremely eye-catching, featuring white-washed pine walls and ceiling, LED can lighting, and waterproof luxury vinyl plank flooring.

Drake’s kitchen was designed for luxury dining with all the amenities including a stainless steel refrigerator and freezer, three burner stainless steel cooktop, stainless steel modern kitchen sink, solid surface countertops, custom acrylic lower cabinets, and shelving. You can dine or work at the 10-foot-plus bar top or hang out on the built-in sofa with custom Sunbrella cushions. The luxury doesn’t stop there — Drake includes a bathroom with a full tub/shower, black matte accents, and a vanity with a lighted mirror. Plenty of storage, electrical outlets, and USB ports make for an immersive living experience — you may not want to go back to your old way of living.

There is one Drake model in stock and future builds a few months out. You can purchase Drake for $140,000 on the Land Ark website.

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