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Airstream’s new $100K trailer is a Twinkie-shaped VIP lounge on wheels

Camper vans and travel trailers are springing up around the country — with #vanlife and #camperlife becoming more and more the norm as people pack up their homes to see the world and live life on the road. While many travelers choose the bare-bones route, bringing only what they need, Airstream reveals a way to live the camper life in absolute style — with the Globetrotter.

For those that have the means, the Globetrotter serves as a sort of modern-day fairytale home. This ultra-sleek camper combines the elements of adventure with the spirit of European design. The camper is effortlessly beautiful inside and out, offering clean lines and elegant features. The simple, classic aluminum exterior walls make for an attractive, stylish profile.

Globetrotter kitchen table
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The Globetrotter is available in two different floor plans: one with a queen-sized bed and one with two twin beds. The designers craftily utilized every inch of space within the 27-foot-long interior and included only modern, upscale amenities. The Globetrotter features a 37 by 79-inch space that functions as a dinette, lounge, and bed, an additional 63-inch lounge/bed, a 6.7 cubic foot refrigerator, a gas oven and microwave or convection oven option, a pantry, wardrobe space, a beautiful lavatory, separate shower area, and a bedroom with nightstands on either side of the bed. These spacious living quarters sleep up to 6 people with ease.

The Globetrotter also sports a 30 amp A/C unit with heat pump and an optional upgrade to a 50 amp version. It is chock full of entertainment and technology features including a Bluetooth-compatible Polk audio system, Samsung LED HD TVs, Blu-ray DVD player, a plethora of USB outlets, power stabilizer jacks, and a solar pre-wire kit for renewable power input.

Panoramic windows ensure that you never miss out on the scenic views. For all of its amenities, the Globetrotter is designed with an uncluttered look, invoking the power of simplicity. You can choose from four interior design options, each comprising either light and airy or warm and dark woods. The decor is complemented by Corian countertops, sleek surfaces, and Hitch upholstery, conferring stylish cosmopolitan touches. The mattress is designed with Tuft & Needle adaptive foam, ensuring that you always sleep in comfort.

The Airstream Globetrotter starts at $99,900 on the company’s website.

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