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Keep beverages hot or cold longer with Takeya’s insulated water bottles

Takeya Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottles
When the summer heat kicks in, it can be difficult to keep a water bottle cold. No matter how many ice cubes are dumped in there, it all turns into hot water within an hour.

Takeya, a drinkware company, has developed an insulated, stainless steel water bottle that keeps beverages cold or hot all day long. Owners can enjoy up to 40 ounces of cold water on the go, whether it’s on a hike or in the gym.

The bottle uses a double-walled, vacuum-insulated design to keep the contents inside at a different temperature from the outside. Cold beverages stay chilled for up to 24 hours while hot drinks retain their heat for up to 12 hours. Regardless of the temperature inside the bottle, Takeya’s insulated bottle remains comfortable to the touch.

For those worried about reusing old bottles, each insulated water bottle is BPA-free. This ensures that, unlike standard plastic bottles, Takeya’s bottles won’t leach any chemicals after continued usage.

Takeya has also designed the bottle to be adaptable. Those who own multiple sizes of the bottle won’t have to worry about matching a bunch of different-size lids. The universal spout lid fits all five bottles. from 14 ounces to 40 ounces. Without a lid, bottles feature a wide mouth opening that allows users to easily clean the bottle or fill it with ice. Even with the wide mouth, the leak-proof locking lid will make sure that even a single drop is not wasted.

The stainless steel design comes in black, steel, white, orchid pink, or ocean blue. Prices begin at $20 for the smallest size and top out at $35 for the largest. Every bottle purchased comes with a lifetime warranty. If customers find an issue, the bottle can be easily replaced at no extra charge.

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While plenty of smart water bottles depend upon companion smartphone apps as the conduit to their connected capabilities, the DrinKup actually keeps all hydration statistics handy within the bottle itself. Simply look at the bottle's smart lid to learn more about how much you are (or aren't) drinking. With its ultrasonic sensors, the smart lid will tell you how much water you've consumed throughout the day, and will also send you reminders to fill up should you go too long without taking a sip. If your water has been languishing untouched in the DrinKup for too long, the lid will let you know that its contents have likely gone stale, so you can replenish your supply.

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You can wear the Closca water bottle and feel good about saving the planet
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You may not be able to drive an electric car or install solar panels on your roof, but you can still help save the planet in your own small way. Rather than buying plastic bottle of water after plastic bottle of water, you can instead buy one bottle of water that promises to respect Mother Earth. Meet the Closca Bottle, a new water container that seeks to "help shape society and transform the way we find, carry, and drink water."

The elegant bottle has quite a distinctive aesthetic. Capable of being attached to your backpack, bag, bike, or stroller, this is one bottle you won't (want to) lose. The Closca is made of borosilicate glass, and as such, promises to be 100 percent BPA-free. And because you can unscrew both the top and the bottom of the bottle, you can easily clean your water bottle, or add ice, fruit, or tea bags (before filling it with water). But perhaps the most distinctive feature of the water bottle comes with its silicon wrap, which not only encircles the entirety of the bottle but can also be strapped around just about anything else. Because it is extremely flexible, you can stretch the silicon to make its way around a handlebar or the strap of your gym bag.

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Floating CreekKooler keeps beverages cold while you paddle around in your canoe
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The original CreekKooler made its debut at the Summer Outdoor Retailer show this past July. It features double-walled construction and a layer of foam insulation that can reportedly keep ice frozen for up to two days in temperatures reaching 85 degrees Fahrenheit. The cooler, which resembles a mini kayak in both shape and performance, has a 30 quart capacity, allowing it to hold up to 30 12-ounce cans and as much as 20 pounds of ice. It even comes with four built-in drink holders on its deck and a lid to help keep water out and the cold temperatures in. It is available in five different colors and sells for $180.

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