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Bethesda is taking Fallout and Doom into VR — both are set for 2017 release

DOOM VFR – E3 2017 Reveal Trailer
Virtual reality will be big for Bethesda this year, with two new VR titles, Fallout VR and Doom VFR, coming in 2017. The announcement comes the way of two new trailers released during Bethesda’s E3 2017 Press Conference.

First revealed last year, Bethesda has renamed the Doom virtual reality experience Doom VFR. This take on Id Software’s hellish shooter features a series of activities set within the Doom universe. The trailer showed off puzzle-solving with robotic arms, exploring a space station, examining character models, and blasting through waves of demons.

Unlike the fast and fluid movement of the main game, Doom VFR will feature node-based movement. Playstation VR and HTC Vive owners can see the hellish demons up close and personal when it releases later this year.

Fallout 4 VR – Official E3 Trailer

Also revealed was Fallout 4 VR. While Doom VFR is a standalone experience, Fallout 4‘s virtual reality experience is a full version of Bethesda’s open-world game. The trailer showcases players moving freely across the wasteland as they decorate settlements and fight against the dangers that inhabit it. The game won’t be using a teleportation system, and will instead let players walk or run across the landscape just as they would in the regular game.

Now everything is the same as in Fallout 4, however. Players will enjoy new combat, crafting, and building systems that have been reworked for the HTC Vive. Each and every location, character, and quest is fully playable in VR. Fallout 4 VR comes to PC this October.

While Bethesda did show off trailers for each game, the company didn’t go on-stage to provide additional details, such as the length of any new content, the price, or a full roster of compatible VR platforms. That information, it seems, will come out sometime after E3.

For more coverage on the latest news throughout E3 2017, check back here throughout the week.

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