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Panasonic’s Nanoe X clothes hanger deodorizes garments overnight

Between a busy work week and a healthy social life, there is little time left to do laundry whenever it is needed. Whether people like to admit it or not, chances are some of us have had to grab something out of the dirty clothes once in a while hamper to wear. With Panasonic’s Nanoe X clothes hanger, though, missing laundry day won’t be as big of an issue.

Using negatively charged particles, or “nanoe,” the hanger is able to deodorize clothes. This cleaning won’t remove any dirt stains from clothing, but it will eliminate odors that have soaked into the fabric, such as sweat or cigarette smoke. For users with seasonal allergies, the Nanoe X will help eliminate any pollen caught in the fabric. The negative ions gather moisture from the air and are a billion times smaller than steam particles. This makes them invisible to the naked eye and gentle enough to deodorize even the most delicate fabrics.

While Nanoe X is convenient, the cleaning process is not quick. The two cleaning modes take five to seven hours to complete. If owners want something freshened up, they will need to plan for it. Aiding the process along is a clothing cover that traps in the nanoe. The results will be more even and thorough than using the hanger without it. Last minute decisions, though, will still need the Febreeze trick.

According to the Japanese website Kaden, via Engadget, the Nanoe X clothes hanger has been priced at 20,000 yen or about $180. For now, the hanger will only be available for the Japanese market, so those interested in other regions will have plenty of time to save up for multiple units. That way clothes can constantly cycle through.

When it comes time to actually do a load of laundry to remove stains and give the clothes a deep clean, there is still little time to fold everything afterward. To alleviate the issue, startups have developed technology to do it instead. This wardrobe, for instance, will automatically hang up and sort clothing. There is also a robot that will fold clothes, but it will actually take up even more time.

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