Strom is an electric fat bike fit for a viking

Fat bikes have been a growing trend among cyclists all around the world. When it comes to riding off road, on the beach, or down a rough road, nothing helps more than those extra-large tires. It was inevitable then that fat bikes would eventually jump into the ebike family.

Strom is a Scandinavian fat ebike built for commuting and casual riding. A beefy battery, strong motor, and hefty 3-inch tires make sure each daily journey is a breeze whether it’s on the road or at the beach.

To make the commute easier, Strom comes packed full of extra features. Depending on the model, a 250-350W motor pushes the fat bike up to 20 miles per hour. A lithium battery ensures an all-day adventure up to 50 miles on a single charge. Cyclists can adjust the amount of assist depending on preference. Let the bike do the work, turn on the four level pedal-assist, or ride completely human powered.

For safe access to important information, an LCD display is attached right on the handlebars. Here, cyclists can see their battery level, speed, mileage, assist level, and more. A small controller on the left handlebar allows users to quickly adjust the assist level up or down.

Other features were built with safety and convenience in mind. Since smartphones and tablets are so important these days, Strom ebikes feature a built-in USB charger. Added LED lights make the bicycles safer at night or in other times of low visibility with their 50,000-hour lifespan.

Currently, Strom comes in two different models and three colors for its IndieGoGo campaign. The EU Model is limited to 15 miles per hour and costs only $899 during the campaign. A full-speed U.S. model costs $979. The available colors are Shiny White, Moon Grey, and Matte Black. Backers should expect to see their ebikes in August 2017.