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Gocycle’s new GXi electric bike can fold away in a mere 10 seconds

There are so many electric bikes hitting the market these days that it can be hard to know where to start if you’re looking to make a purchase.

If portability and a clean, sturdy build are important to you, then you might want to take a look at is Gocycle’s recently unveiled GXi, a machine that keeps most of its mechanisms hidden and folds down into a compact package in just 10 seconds.

The 38.6-pound (17.5 kg) GXi draws on the design of the warmly received GX, which launched in June and has since become the British company’s best-selling ebike.

The updated two-wheeler has a fully integrated design built around an aluminum frame. Features include an LED handlebar display showing data for battery level, driving mode, speed, and gear position. It also comes with a predictive electronic gear shift that automatically downshifts when slowing to a stop. This means the rider gets the most efficient start possible every time they set off from a stationary position.

The removable 375 Wh battery, which lives inside the GXi’s frame, offers a range of up to 50 miles (80 km) and takes four hours to charge.

And as we’ve already mentioned, all of its electronics and cabling are routed inside the bike’s frame, giving it a great look while making it easier to carry, too.

“At Gocycle we are driven by the pursuit of perfection, taking a no-compromises approach to continuous improvement of our products to make them even more urban rider-focused than ever,” Richard Thorpe, founder of Gocycle and a former design engineer at supercar maker McLaren, said in a release. “The GXi builds on the success of our G3 platform, and now with our fast-folding technology, it offers an incredibly compelling package for savvy urban commuters currently turned off by heavier, compromised traditional folding bikes.”

The GXi will make its official debut at this week’s Cycle Show in Birmingham, U.K., before going on sale alongside Gocycle’s other electric bikes next year.

Gocycle’s GXi ebike is available for pre-order in three colors (matte black, white, or gunmetal gray), with prices starting at $4,799, or 3,699 British pounds for U.K.-based customers.

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