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Spinciti’s Amsterdam e-bike offers speed and range at an affordable price

The past few years have seen the demand for electric bikes grow from a niche market into the hottest trend in cycling. Over that time, we’ve also seen an overwhelming number of new models hit the market, from both traditional bike manufacturers and completely new companies. As a result, it has become increasingly more difficult for new e-bike models to stand out in the crowded field. Nowadays, if you want to grab the attention of potential customers, you need to offer something that provides good performance and range at an affordable price. That appears to be exactly the approach that a company called Spinciti has taken with its first model, which debuted on Indiegogo today.

Dubbed the Amsterdam, the new bike offers riders several options when it comes to customizability. Not only does it offer two different frame styles —a hybrid cyclocross and a lightweight mountain bike version — but it also comes with three different size motors too. The rear-hub mounted drive system is available in 250W, 350W, and 500W versions, which are good for speeds of 20, 25, and 28 miles per hour respectively. The swappable battery, which blends in nicely into the bike’s alloy frame, provides up to 50 miles of range on a single charge as well.

Other traditional cycling components include an eight-speed Shimano Deore gear system and hydraulic disc brakes. The Amsterdam also comes equipped with a built-in 30 lux headlight and an OLED display for tracking speed, distance, remaining battery life, and other metrics. Its torque-sensing pedals automatically sense when the rider has begun pedaling and provide assistance at one of five preset levels. The bike even has onboard Bluetooth connectivity to sync a rider’s workout with a variety of smartphone apps, including Strava, Apple Health, and others.

Spinciti: Performance Road E-Bike - Supercharged

One of the most appealing aspects of Spinciti’s Amsterdam will no doubt be its price. When the bike officially begins shipping in March of next year, it is expected to sell for $1,850 for the entry level mode — a relatively modest sum in e-bike terms. The Indiegogo campaign gives backers the chance to pre-order that same model for just $999, however, which represents a savings of almost 50 percent. Of course, as with any crowdfunding project, success is not assured and backers are encouraged to understand the risks that come with any project before spending any money.

Still, Spinciti is hoping to pull in $50,000 to get the Amsterdam off the ground and, as of this writing, it is already more than halfway to that goal after just a few hours of crowdfunding. That bodes well for the future of this bike, which looks like it will be a great option for urban commuters on a budget.

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