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Blix drops e-bike prices in shift to selling exclusively online

Blix Electric Bicycles announced on Thursday a business shift to selling its e-bikes exclusively online. As of January 9, Blix e-bikes have new, lower prices, reduced by $100 to $800 from previous levels. Blix also intends to create showrooms where potential customers can see and test-ride Blix e-bikes before purchasing online.

Blix Electric Bikes

Blix showrooms will be at former Blix dealers in bicycle and e-bike shops. In addition, Blix will establish showrooms in hotels, touring companies, and other locations that rent Blix e-bikes.

Blix Sol cruiser e-bike
Blix Sol cruiser e-bike Image used with permission by copyright holder

Blix Founder and CEO Pontus Malmberg explained the business model shift with a focus on customer engagement and community building. “We’re excited for this change as it allows us to continue working with the strong network of local shops we have built over the years,” Malmberg said.

“Meanwhile,” Malmberg continued, “selling online puts us in direct contact with every new Blix owner throughout the customer journey, which is key for continuing to improve the Blix experience, community building, and our user-focused approach to product development.”

Blix Aveny city and commuter e-bike
Blix Aveny city and commuter e-bike Image used with permission by copyright holder

The four Blix e-bike models previously were priced between $1,700 to $2,000. As of January 9, Blix e-bikes start at $1,500 and $1,600. This middling price range, two to three times as much as e-bikes sold in some big box stores and roughly one-quarter to one-third the cost of many specialized electric bicycles, represent the fastest-growing segment of the burgeoning U.S. e-bike market. The Blix pricing is roughly in line with Rad Power Bikes and Juiced Bikes, two other direct-to-consumer sales e-bike companies.

Blix Vika+ folding e-bike
Blix Vika+ folding e-bike Image used with permission by copyright holder

Blix models include a cruiser, a commuter bike, a folding model, and a cargo bike. The Sol cruiser, previously $1,700, now starts at $1,500. The Blix Aveny commuter electric bike, previously $1,900, now costs $1,600. Also selling for a base price of $1,600, the Vika+ folding model e-bike used to cost $1,700 and has the smallest price reduction of the line. Blix also sells the Packa, a cargo e-bike that was formerly $2,000 but now lists for $1,600. Blix also has a variety of racks, baskets, bags, and other accessories with which customers can equip their bikes.

Blix Packa cargo e-bike
Blix Packa cargo e-bike Image used with permission by copyright holder

Buyers can also get $200 off when they purchase any two Blix e-bikes buy entering the discount code RIDETOGETHER at checkout.

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