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Juiced, an affordable electric longboard, is made for commuting on a budget

Introducing the Juiced Electric Skateboard
For people who work in the city, the commute to work usually involves bumper-to-bumper traffic or public transportation packed like a can of sardines. Bicycle skateboards are faster than walking, but they leave people sweaty before they even get to work. The answer is Juiced, an affordable, electric longboard built for city commutes.

A variety of settings makes Juiced one of the most accessible boards available for riders both old and new. Acceleration, top speed, and braking all adjust to the riders’ comfort.

Each board features high-quality deck materials like maple and bamboo but maintains its affordability by trimming the fat.  “An affordable, elegant and powerful electric skateboard simply didn’t exist,” says founder and CEO of Juiced Boards, Matti Deacon. “Other boards on the market may have more tech features such as apps, or lights, etc. Ours is designed clean and simple. On purpose.”

However, this doesn’t mean the board is cheap and lacks features. To keep the design sleek, the powerful motors have been tucked away inside each wheel hub. As an added benefit, this keeps the Juiced board weatherproof from any dust or water. The motors are strong enough to keep going strong uphill and operate via a small remote control.

One small, but very important perk is that the Juiced board becomes a traditional longboard if the battery runs dry. This means that commuters can still get where they are going even if they forgot to charge it. Additionally, while most boards can recharge themselves going downhill, the Juiced board won’t come with the resistance found on others.

The Juiced electric longboard’s design focuses on the most important aspects of any board. “The combination of powerful hub motors, quality design and accessible price point will position the Juiced board as the go-to for electric skateboards,” says Deacon.

The Juiced has officially launched its IndieGoGo campaign as of Tuesday. Boards are available starting at $399 with shipments going out as early as July.

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