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capsule skateboards

Save your knees and your ride with durable, recyclable Capsule skateboards

Capsule skateboards and longboards use a new material that improves the boarding experience for both the rider and the board.
monolith bbq guru edition

Monolith BBQ Guru grill automates temperature control for perfect results

The Monolith BBQ Guru Edition grill comes with smart tech built right in to automate temperature control for perfect results every time.
smalt smart salt dispenser herb and body t

Smalt smart salt dispenser is an interactive light and sound device, too

Smalt users can manually select the exact amount of salt desired, try gesture controls, or use voice commands via Amazon Alexa.
gourmia dorm room appliances t

Gourmia’s new kitchen appliances are a perfect fit for cramped dorm rooms

In just a few weeks, young adults aorund the world head to college. Gourmia has released four dorm room appliances perfect for campus life.
yale assure lock sl

Keep the front door secure and looking good with the smart Yale Assure Lock SL

The Yale Assure Lock SL features the smallest and thinnest footprint of any electronic smart lock on the market.
Overwatch Doomfist reveal

Latest 'Overwatch' patch reduces loot box duplicates, unleashes Doomfist

A new Overwatch patch is live on PC. It aims to "drastically" reduce item duplicates in loot boxes and offer more credits when they happen.
tasty one top smart appliance onetop t

BuzzFeed’s Tasty One Top smart appliance makes cooking easier than ever

The Tasty One Top is a Bluetooth-enabled induction burner that automatically adjusts the temperature to perfectly cook food every time.
GE Monogram

Stomach growling? This GE Monogram Pizza Oven cooks pizza in 2 minutes flat

The GE Monogram Pizza Oven cooks traditional Neapolitan pizzas in only two minutes. That's faster than it takes to make the pizza.
lg hom bot turbo

LG Hom-Bot Turbo+ vacuums your floors and keeps quiet about it

The latest LG Hom-Bot Turbo+ vacuums are quieter and smarter than ever with Wi-Fi, home security settings, and the quietest motors around.
ecoxgear ecolantern t

Don't go into the wilderness without the EcoLantern and its speaker system

Developed by EcoXGear, the EcoLantern is built to survive the elements. Just like many modern phones, this lantern features an IP67 rating.

Varial infused glass offers a better method for making surfboards

Varial Surf Technology's latest technology is Varial Infused Glass. It provides a much stronger surfboard in a significantly lighter package. 
superfeet me3d 1

Superfeet ME3D provides people with comfortable, custom-made insoles

Beginning this summer, select retailers will be able to scan consumers' feet and order a custom pair of Superfeed ME3D insoles for printing.
destiny 2

After a successful weekend, 'Destiny 2' beta is extended through Tuesday

For everyone who enjoyed Destiny 2 over the weekend, Bungie has announced that the Destiny 2 beta has been extended another two days.
surftech bloom paddle board t

Clean the water you board on — Surftech and Bloom team for green paddle boards

Using Bloom foams, a single Surftech paddle board returns 176 gallons of clean, filtered water to habitat.
nise wave sous vide t

Nise Wave Wi-Fi Sous Vide is like having a mini personal chef

Cooking gourmet food has never been so easy and affordable. The Nise Wave Sous Vide offers this gourmet solution at a fraction of the cost.
takeya premium water bottle t

Takeya’s new premium insulated water bottles keep drinks ice cold for 24 hours

The Takeya Actives Collection improves on the company's already great design. The innovative lid locks the cold in for up to 24 hours.

LG enhances residential solar panels with two new Neon models

Two new LG Neon solar panels have been revealed. These new additions prove improved performance in a slimmer form factor.
tech deals

Sequel to Amazon Echo could take design hints from Apple's HomePod

Amazon's next Echo will be shorter and slimmer than the original, and will gain some improved speakers and microphones.

IFTTT data reveals what people are doing with Google Home and Alexa

IFTTT, a popular platform that connects devices and services, has surveyed over 1,500 users to show how people are using their devices.

Not every thermos has a copper lining — but the Mizu V10 does

The Mizu V10 thermos features a copper lining. Copper is a natural insulator, so it allows beverages to keep their temperature for longer.
mit neighborhood improvements neighbor improve a

Wondering why some cities improve more than others? MIT Media Lab knows

Researchers from MIT Media Lab used a computer vision system to analyze over a million neighborhoods to find what caused improvements.
revo tandem bike t

Revo is a wooden bench-seat bike that assembles like something from IKEA

What immediately sets this bicycle apart from other designs are two aspects: the frame and the seat. Revo has a wood fram a long bench seat.
best nintendo switch games for kids arms dlc character 1

Polish your fists, Max Brass comes next week as first 'Arms' character DLC

July 12 will bring the first major content update for Arms. It will introduce Max Brass as a playable character.
destiny 2 ps4 pro t

Limited-edition ‘Destiny 2’ PS4 Pro bundle comes with new, white console

Revealed today, this limited-edition bundle includes a copy of Destiny 2, Expansion Pass, ad Glacier White PS4 Pro.
hard-boiled eggs

It’s not rocket science: Steaming hard-boiled eggs makes them easier to peel

Jeff Potter uses science to explain why steaming hard-boiled eggs makes them much easier to peel than other easy-to-peel "tricks."
amabrush automatic toothbrush 1

Don’t waste time brushing your own teeth — Amabrush does it better, faster

People spend over an average of 100 days brushing their teeth throughout their lifetime. Amabrush finishes the job in just 10 seconds.

Innovation rains out of Nemo’s new Helio LX Pressure Shower

The Helio LX Pressure Shower expands the water capacity, lengthens the hose, and more. It is the luxury model for a luxury camping experience.
wonderful 101 nintendo switch port 1

New images from Platinum teases 'The Wonderful 101' for Nintendo Switch

Platinum Games' new Japanese account has started teasing fans with images suggesting a Nintendo Switch port of The Wonderful 101.
doomfist summer release reveal 3

Doomfist is now a playable character in the ‘Overwatch’ Public Test Region

 After a long wait and numerous teases, Blizzard officially announced Doomfist. He is playable now in the Overwatch Public Test Region.

Have fun on a day off with the 'It is as if you were doing work' browser game

It is as if you were doing work is a game that brings back the joy of clicking buttons, waiting for progress bars, and checking boxes.
air opus inflatable camper 2

Make setting up camp a breeze with the Air Opus inflatable camper

Campers let owners bring civilization with them, but the setup can be tiresome. The Air Opus inflatable camper makes it easy.
mario kart 8 deluxe patch switch mariokart8deluxe gameplay 01

‘Mario Kart 8 Deluxe’ patch fixes online bugs and balancing issues

With Nintendo's latest Mario Kart 8 Deluxe update, multiplayer has been rebalanced and bugs have been fixed within the game's online mode.
desktopography smart display 1

Desktopography turns even the most cluttered desk into a smart display

People clutter their desks with mugs, books, computers, papers, and more. Desktopography is a prototype device that incorporates the clutter.
futurama worlds of tomorrow 1

'Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow' brings the team to mobile with a new, rich story

The new mobile game Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow was released today, reuniting show creator Matt Groening with the original cast.