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Stomach growling? This GE Monogram Pizza Oven cooks pizza in 2 minutes flat

As part of GE Appliances’ FirstBuild micro-factory, GE has created a pizza oven that cooks many times faster than a traditional home pizza oven. The GE Monogram Pizza Oven cooks traditional Neapolitan pizzas in only two minutes. With its ludicrous efficiency and ease of operation, this electric pizza oven has quickly gathered attention.

For simplicity, the Monogram Pizza Oven is designed to fit into a 30-inch wide cabinet cutout. This is the same size opening as a standard wall oven. There is nothing to hook up and no duct work to install with its integrated ventilation system. Users only need an electrical outlet.

When it’s time for pizza night, the Monogram Pizza Oven takes only 30 minutes to preheat. After this single lengthy portion, perfectly cooked pizzas only take two minutes. One pizza will be done before the next one is ready to go in.

A capacitive touch LCD screen allows owners to easily control the pizza oven. There are also many preset cooking options, including a variety of pizza settings and choices for making flatbreads. For even more convenience, the Monogram Pizza Oven can connect to a user’s smartphone.

When it comes to pizza, many aficionados prefer that wood-fired brick oven taste. How could an electric pizza oven ever replicate that? In order to directly compare the two ovens, the engineers at FirstBuild created what they call a “digital pizza.”

This “digital pizza” is a pizza-shaped array of sensors that gathers and analyzes the heat transfer inside of an oven. “After connecting it to the computer’s Adafruit data recorder, we inject a precise amount of water into each sensor, and then measure the temperature and the rate of water evaporation to compare pizza ovens with different styles,”said Emily from FirstBuild.

FirstBuild is a subsidiary of GE Appliances that puts innovation first, and a place where ideas have become real products in as little as six months. Here, users, developers, engineers, and community members all interact with each other to further improve and innovate on a product to fulfill the consumer’s desires.

Currently, the GE Monogram Pizza Oven is available only within the United States for $9,900. Those interested in eating quality pizza the moment they feel hungry should check out the product page for retail locations.

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