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SousVide Supreme Touch+ provides energy-efficient way to cook

Sous vide cooking is a fast-growing trend, with countless companies bringing this cooking method to home kitchens around the world. This time, the company that created the first at-home sous vide is revolutionizing the process again with the SousVide Supreme Touch+.

Those who are familiar with the original SousVide Supreme will have no problem adjusting to the Touch+. It features a very similar look and feel, only it includes a few innovative upgrades for convenience. For example, to prevent the water-based cooking method from ruining itself, the SousVide Supreme Touch+ features a waterproof control screen. Unlike capacitive touch screens, this resistive touchscreen still operates perfectly with wet hands. This is important as sous vide is all about cooking food in a circulating water bath.

One benefit of sous vide is its energy efficiency. By heating the water directly, there is a lot less energy dissipating through the pot or pan. The SousVide Supreme Touch+ features double-wall insulation, keeping the appliance cool to the touch no matter how hot the water gets. Once at temperature, the Touch+ only uses about the energy of a 20-watt bulb. Aiding in heat retention is the clear view lid. Other devices require the use of aluminum foil or ping-pong balls to trap the heat, but this blocks the view of the food. A clear lid allows users to peer inside without letting heat escape.

Other features include integrated Wi-Fi, a new mobile app, and compatibility with Alexa. This allows users to control the Touch+ whether they are away from home or with voice commands.

Although sous vide has only grown its popularity in recent years, the cooking method was originally developed in the 1970s by chef Georges Pralus. Food is vacuum-sealed in placed in precisely heated water. This cooks food gently and perfectly with little room to fail. Practically anything from infused alcohols to custards to the perfect egg can be done sous vide.

Currently, the SousVide Supreme Touch+ is available for pre-order through Kickstarter. Prices begin at $349 with an estimated delivery of March 2018. Complete starter packs with pouches, a vacuum sealer, and a cookbook begin at $499.

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