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Sansaire releases its latest Wi-Fi-connected sous vide cooker, the Delta

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You may not have a Michelin star (yet), but that shouldn’t stop you from cooking as though you do. So if you’ve been looking for a way to up your technique in the kitchen, look no further than a new Wi-Fi-connected sous vide cooker. It’s smart, affordable, and most importantly, will let you talk about how you’ve cooked your duck confit sous vide. Because that’s a sentence everyone wants to say, right?

Called the Delta, this sous vide machine (otherwise known as an immersion circulator) comes from Sansaire, which first burst onto the cooking scene with the 2013 launch of its first precision cooker. But now, it has updated its technology. Given the success of Sansaire’s first version (it’s one of the top selling sous vide cookers on Amazon), it’s no surprise that the Delta has already long surpassed its $100,000 Kickstarter goal, with 750 backers and almost a month left in its campaign.

For those unfamiliar, sous vide is a technique that allows for the preparation of uniquely juicy food, as cooks place items (be they meat, fish, or vegetables) into vacuum-sealed bags and sink them in water at a relatively low cooking temperature that is precisely controlled by the sous vide machine, and leaving them there for a few hours. Because the water temperature is so carefully regulated, you literally can’t overcook your food. And the result is delicious.

And now, Sansaire is giving home cooks the opportunity to experiment with a cooking method that’s more typically found in four-star restaurants. And because this is the 21st century, it’s doing so in a tech-forward way.

The Delta can be controlled by the Sansaire app, which lets you interact with your cooker and try out new recipes. The touchscreen interface of the Delta also lets you play with temperature, cooking time, and other settings. Once you’ve decided upon what you’re making, just set the Delta with your smartphone, and forget about it until you’re notified that it’s ready.

There are a limited number of these Deltas still available for the early bird price of $149, and the Delta is expected to ship throughout the world in April of next year. So if you’re planning on throwing some fancy dinner parties in 2017, this may be a good investment to make.

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