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SleepOvation ditches the single mattress model for 700 tiny ones

SleepOvation - 700 Tiny Mattresses in One
Finding the right mattress can be tricky. Traditional spring mattresses can have pressure points, but memory foam-topped mattresses can trap a lot of heat. SleepOvation uses hundreds of mini mattresses negate both issues while adding a few perks of its own.

With the glut of mattress-in-a-box options, companies are constantly finding new ways to stand out from the crowd. For instance, some let you customize your mattress or put sensors inside. SleepOvation’s innovation comes down to the 700 tiny mattresses that are each independently attached to their own pocket springs. While the segmented squares look unconventional, they allow the springs to move more independently. This ensures only the necessary amount of pressure is applied around every inch of the body. Traditional mattress design forces springs to work together, creating sections that provide more or less support than they should.

“Our extensive tests have shown this invention to be a monumental breakthrough in sleep technology,” says Richard Codos, inventor of the cushion pocket spring used in the mattress. Codos’ previous innovations include the multiple rate pocket spring system, which is used throughout the industry today. This previous system uses springs of different diameters adjacent to one another to provide at least two different firmness zones.

“Current mattresses use layers of foam with multiple sub-layers of low-quality filler foams and springs, marketed as ‘support layers’ that simply add height at the cost of comfort,” continued Codos.

In addition to improved support, the separated segments allow the mattress to distribute airflow. Typical layers of foam trap in body heat, but the individual segments dissipate heat, allowing users to sleep cool. Another benefit is that mattress owners have access to vacuum in between the individually sealed cushion pockets. This helps users avoid dust mites, germs, or dead skin cells that might be found in other mattresses.

The SleepOvation mattress launches this September with pre-orders now available through Kickstarter for those looking for a discount. Twin mattresses start at $500 and California King-sized mattresses will set you back $900. You will be saving between $200 and $300 with early bird pricing, and these costs are comparable with other bed-in-a-box solutions. So if you’re interested in sleeping on 700 tiny mattresses (for the price of one), SleepOvation may be the way to go.

Update: Pricing for SleepOvation is now available. 

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