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This bed for astronauts helps you sleep more deeply through the science of sound

Sleep is one of the most essential parts of your health. In fact, a lack of sleep is similar to severe intoxication in its effects on your motor and cognitive abilities. Intellibed recently introduced the Sleep Genius Smart Base, designed with research used by NASA to help astronauts fall asleep in space. As it turns out, the brain can be quite active even during the depths of sleep, and the most active system is the part of the brain responsible for sound and hearing.

The Sleep Genius Smart Base is intended to complete the Intellibed sleep environment in conjunction with the Gel Matrix mattress. While the Gel Matrix mattress is designed to work with the Sleep Genius Smart Base, other mattresses can be used. The Smart Base uses a system Intellibed calls “Treat versus track.” In other words, rather than tracking sleep quality, the bed is designed to treat them instead.

The Sleep Genius Smart Base includes a built-in Bluetooth soundbar with six speakers. The soundbar plays music and sounds that trick the brain into better quality sleep. These sounds include low-amplitude sounds that mimic the experience of riding in a car or a train to create a natural sense of calm. The Smart Base is also adjustable with features like reach assist, sonic massage, and a programmable remote. Users can configure the bed into the most comfortable position. The Sleep Genius Smart Base integrates with Google Home and Amazon Alexa, as well.

There are also additional features called Power Nap and Relaxation to help manage stress levels and snag a few minutes of shut-eye during the day. Although Intellibed did not say, there is a chance the bed could also include an alarm system to help you wake up in the morning in a more gentle fashion.

Intellibed plans to begin selling the Sleep Genius Smart Base in select retailers and online in March 2020. While focusing on nutrition and fitness is a common choice for New Year’s resolutions, high-quality sleep is just as important. If you find that you don’t sleep as well as you used to, a smart bed might be able to help.

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