The best smart mattresses with built-in sleep tracking

Forget counting sheep. Catch some Z's (and track them) with a new smart mattress

Technology allows us to track everything we do, from the amount we eat, to how many steps we’re taking, and how often we’re standing up. But none of this really matters if you’re not starting your day with the most important daily ritual — sleep.

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The amount of sleep we get plays a part in our overall health. Those who get a good night’s sleep are more likely to be active during the day, and healthier overall. If you’re struggling to get through the day, tracking your sleep might provide you answers as to why. While companies have built sleep trackers into a variety of things, including fitness trackers and devices that you place under your bed, mattress makers are now building this technology directly into the bed itself.

Here’s three solid options that we think you should consider.

Sleep Number 360 C2 Smart Bed

Sleep Number beds are great because they offer adjustable firmness. If you’ve ever gone mattress shopping, you know the pain of finding that perfect mattress: you might try dozens before finding the right one. With a Sleep Number, that frustrating process is no longer necessary — you can dial in your perfect firmness — and your partner can too!

The entry-level Sleep Number 360 C2 starts at just $599 for a twin — not much more than a good regular mattress — and is packed full with functionality. Not only do you get Sleep Numbers’ trademark adjustable firmness and sleep tracking, but you’ll also get a 2-inch gel “comfort layer” on top for increased support. In optional higher-end versions, you get the ability to raise the head of the bed to stop snoring. And in the top-of-the-line version, foot warming to keep your feet warm on those cold winter nights.

Each day after you get off your bed, the Sleep Number app will send you a report on how you slept, scoring you on a scale of 100. The closer you are to 100, the better quality sleep you’ve received. With this data, you’ll have a better understanding of how your day affects your night, and in no time you’ll be sleeping a whole lot better.

Eight Sleep Pod Smart Bed

Do you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night, either freezing or drenched in sweat? Can’t get comfortable because you or your partner is always stealing the sheets? Consider Eight Sleep’s Pod smart mattress. The Pod takes the smart bed beyond just simple smart tracking, it actually learns your bed temperature preferences, by dynamically warming and cooling the bed for you.

There’s even a feature that wakes you naturally by slowly cooling the bed, much better for you than being jolted awake by an obnoxious alarm. We’re currently in the process of reviewing this bed right now, and so far it’s worked as good as they say. Of course, this is all controlled via an app, so you can also customize the bed temperature at any time — and monitor your sleep quality just like any other smart bed. Unlike the C2, the app also provides you tips on how to sleep better, taking out some of the guesswork.

The Pod starts at $1,935 for the full-sized mattress.

Eight Sleep Smart Bed

If you can do without the automatic warming and cooling functionality of The Pod, don’t need the adjustability that Sleep Number has, and just want an all-around comfortable bed, then Eight Sleep’s original Smart Bed is for you. Its retail price starts at $995 for a full-size mattress, and with three layers of foam at a medium-firm comfort and the ability to control the bed temperature on either side individually, most should find this bed pretty comfortable.

All your sensors are placed right below the mattress cover and initial padding, so your measurements are much more accurate as a result. The bed also detects when you’re in light sleep, and wakes you up at that time — something that is clinically proven to be the best time to wake up for maximum alertness.

Eight Sleep’s sleep tracking functionality is also a step above the C2 in our opinion, tracking a total of 15 different factors to give you a broader picture of your sleep health. We’re pretty sure that you’ll find your sleep improving on just a few nights with this mattress, not only because it’s got a ton of functionality, but is a comfortable mattress to boot.

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