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Customize your perfect night sleep with the HONGi modular mattress

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There is nothing worse than a bad night’s sleep. It affects the whole day. Breakfast tastes bland, work is slow, and nothing seems to be good on TV. Often times, poor sleep comes from a poor mattress, so check out the HONGi modular mattress to awake more refreshed.

Typical mattresses may come in a wide variety of options, but they are still manufactured for a wide market of people. Instead of people compromising with a bed that’s close enough, HONGi’s modular design allows users to customize their mattress to fit their individual preferences.

Getting a better night’s sleep starts with filling out a quick, 15-question survey. The questions are personable and important in building the perfect mattress. For starters, is it a bed for one or will a couple need to take advantage of the ability to set two different preferences? Will children or pets be joining late at night? Even questions about tossing and turning, sweating, or snoring are taken into account.

From there, HONGi’s survey creates up to 150 different mattress combinations using 1,600 coils in each mattress. This ensures the perfect body adjustment from Twin to California King. Since the mattress is modular, it uses non-bonded, non-slippery, adjustable layers that can be individually replaced at any time.

“Working for another mattress company, I never liked the idea of starting mattress shopping with a compromise,” says CEO Peter Leyhr. “At HONGi we are focused on the mornings, not just the nighttime. After all, we can’t tell what type of night’s sleep we’ve got when we get into bed, but when we get out. Hongi is the Maori word for welcome, and with our Indiegogo campaign, we wanted to welcome people and chances to live well together, and invite them to take on their mornings rested and energized.”

Going a step further, HONGi also allows owners to sync automatic heart rate sleep trackers into their beds, bringing direct insight into their deep sleep.

The HONGi modular bed is currently available through their IndieGoGo campaign, which has already surpassed its $25,000 goal with 22 days to spare. Prices vary by size, starting with $499 for a twin or twin XL mattress.

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