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Keep your dogs entertained and stimulated at home with this high-tech experience

You have smart home technology for every aspect of your life, so why not invest in a smart TV for your dog? Today, Go Dogo launched on Kickstarter to fund their revolutionary approach to entertaining your four-legged friends. The Go Dogo system calls itself “mentally enriching” and has been backed by the Danish Innovation Fund and PreSeed Ventures. The system is designed to provide dogs with fun challenges. When they complete the challenges, the Go Dogo will distribute treats.

What makes the Go Dogo system different from similar products is that it automatically increases the difficulty based on how your pooch is progressing. This means your dog will never get bored with the same challenges since the system is always changing and adapting.

The Go Dogo consists of two physical devices. The first connects to your television through an HDMI cable and contains a computer, a treat dispenser, and a camera. The second device has a small camera to provide a side view of your dog. Once a play session begins, the instructor on screen calls out to your dog and gives instructions. The dog’s response is captured through the cameras, and if the pet performs the trick correctly, the system gives it a treat. It also provides positive feedback in the form of a “Good boy!” or “Good girl!”

The Go Dogo is shaped a bit like an egg. It has no exposed wires or cables that might tempt your pooch to chew on them. You control the system through an app, available on both iOS and Android. You can set up a schedule so that sessions happen at the same time every day. You’ll also be able to follow your dog’s progress as it moves through the different challenges the Go Dogo has to offer.

The first training sessions are simple and consist of teaching your dog to come to the TV when called. Once your pooch has mastered this, the more difficult challenges begin. To follow the device’s development, check-in at the Go Dogo website or follow the Kickstarter page. Remember that backing a Kickstarter is not a guarantee of development or purchase.

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