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Sleep Number’s New 360 Smart Bed monitors and improves sleep health as you age

Today at CES 2022, Sleep Number, a leader in sleep health and research, has unveiled the latest entry in its smart bed lineup, the new 360 Smart Bed. With the assistance of A.I. and machine learning, this new smart bed has unique features that will help it monitor and improve your sleep health as you age.

Sleep is a significant part of our lives and vital to our general health. Knowing that, Sleep Number created it smart bed years ago to help track sleeping patterns. This new iteration of the smart bed has even more features to track sleep patterns, as well as predict issues and react when they arise.

The Sleep Number new 360 Smart Bed shown with all available smart furniture upgrades.
Sleep Number

The new 360 Smart Bed has a fresh design that includes hardware and software innovations. The new smart bed can still individually raise each half of the bed to personalized angles for sleepers, but can also raise and lower the base to help people get in and out of bed. Unique temperature adjustments are also a significant factor in getting good rest, and the new smart bed can heat just your feet as you fall asleep, then cool them alongside the rest of your body while you’re sleeping.

The upgraded A.I. and machine learning built into the smart bed’s software and sensors track biometrics, sleep, and health issues. For example, temperature changes, heart rate, breath rate, motion, and more are tracked using under-surface sensors. Analyzing these readings allow the new 360 Smart Bed to learn and evolve with each sleeper and be more responsive to issues when they occur.

You can use the Sleep Number app to view your sleep recordings and the analysis from the New 360 Smart Bed. You can also see general health stats, health and wellness reports, temperature optimization readings, and tips. You can send any of this information to partners, family members, caregivers, and even your physicians.

Alongside the New 360 Smart Bed, Sleep Number is introducing furniture additions to complement the new features of the smart bed. The furniture is built into the base and customer headboards of the smart beds. This furniture includes lighting, storage pockets, and features to reduce environmental noise.

Sleep Number says the new 360 Smart Bed is designed to provide the best sleeping experience and improve people’s health as they get older. It will be available in early 2023 and will start at $1,099.

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