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GE expands Cync smart light lineup, adds climate control, camera

If you’ve never heard of Cync by GE Lighting you could be forgiven. It doesn’t get the press of some other more popular brands of smart lighting. Today, GE Lighting announced several new Cync products that will expand this smart lighting platform to a full smart home ecosystem, meaning if it’s not already on your radar, it should be.

As part of CES 2022, the company is introducing a smart thermostat and temperature sensor, a line of outdoor security cameras, and several new lighting products to its family of connected products. A big bonus for many consumers, there is no additional hub or bridge required to create the Wi-Fi connection needed for automation and scheduling.

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GE Lighting uses the Cync app to control all its devices, and the app is a 2022 CES Innovation Award honoree.

“The ‘smartest’ smart home consists of a network of reliable products that work together seamlessly and are easy to install and use, for the ultimate in convenience, comfort, and security,” said Paul Williams, vice president of experiences at GE Lighting. “Our new products give consumers the ability to bolster their Cync smart home with new whole-home capabilities that are hub-less and can all be controlled by a single app or voice.”

The Cync lineup of smart light bulbs will see 11 new products, including smart Edison-style bulbs in various shapes and sizes, including candelabra
and globe in both white and full-color options. The new lights are direct-connect, meaning they’ll link up to your home’s Wi-Fi for voice control, remote scheduling, and more. Cync smart lights will be available to order in March from Lowe’s, Best Buy, Target and Amazon, starting at $12.

GE smart, Thermostat Entryway

The newly announced Cync Smart Thermostat with a large, high-contrast display can be installed without a common wire. or C-wire, making it an option for upgrading the heating and cooling controls in almost any house. Paired with all-new Cync Room Temperature Sensors, you can keep tabs on the whole house whether you’re home or away. The new Cync Smart Thermostat and Temperature Sensor will be available to order in January from Lowe’s, Best Buy and Amazon starting at $120 and $30 respectively.

Cync has also announced an outdoor security camera. Cync Outdoor Smart Camera has both a wired and battery/solar powered option, with HD video and night vision, plus cloud or local SD storage options. The camera will be available to order in February from Lowe’s, Best Buy and Amazon. Wired cameras start at $100, battery cameras at $130 and the solar panel accessory will be $45.

In addition to control via the Cync app, powered by Savant, Cync devices can be controlled with both Alexa and Google. Cync will also be adopting the Matter protocol that allows disparate smart home devices to work together regardless of manufacturer or platform.

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