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Oral-B’s iO4 and iO5, the latest in the smart toothbrush lineup, are finally available

At CES 2022, Oral-B announced its newest and most affordable models in its smart, electric toothbrush lineup, the iO4 and iO5. Now those two toothbrushes are finally available for you to use.

The two models are similar in many ways and bring a host of features to your everyday cleaning rituals. For example, they both have a linear magnetic drive system that produces quiet and controlled micro-vibrations that affect the bristle tips. This system helps to keep the pressure on your teeth at a proper level.

The pink iO4 toothbrush by Oral-B.

The drive system also pairs with the smart pressure sensor. An LED on each toothbrush will change from red to white to green to indicate when you’re brushing too hard or too soft. That sensor also adjusts the amplitude of the toothbrush to protect your gums and enamel.

The brush head for both toothbrushes has been redesigned with twisted bristles and a high-density tuft-in-tuft configuration. The new heads combine oscillating and rotating movements to ensure that you’re deep cleaning every corner of your mouth. In addition, with each toothbrush, you have personalized brushing modes to help with whatever style of cleaning experience you want. The iO4 has four unique modes, while the iO5 has five.

These modes are Daily Clean, Whitening, Sensitive, and Super Sensitive, while the iO5 has an additional Intense mode. The iO5 also has LED lights on the handle that indicates which particular mode you’re using.

Each model comes with a travel case and a charging station that charges your toothbrush while it stands up. Each also comes with a replacement brush head within the box; afterward, you can order more from Oral-B.

Lastly, you can use the iO app for real-time tracking and coaching of your cleaning session. The app has a simple interface so that anyone can easily pick up the app and go. You can also see stats such as the time of your last clean, percentage of mouth coverage, and more while you clean.

Oral-B’s latest toothbrushes are available online and in retail Target stores. You can purchase the iO4 for $100, while the iO5 retails for $120.

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