Smalt smart salt dispenser is an interactive light and sound device, too

When cooking, nearly every recipe calls for salt. Some need a pinch, others need more precise measurements. Rather than pulling out the measuring spoons, what if the salt shaker did all that instead? With Herb & Body’s announcement of Smalt, salt shakers just got a lot smarter.

As a smart dispenser, Smalt users can manually select the exact amount of salt desired, or try gesture controls for “shake,” “pinch,” or “pour” using a companion app for iOS and Android. Additionally, owners of Amazon Alexa can dispense salt measurements via voice commands, as well as monitor their salt intake.

Dispensing the right amount of salt is as easy as pressing a single button. The desired amount is then dispensed into a small, removable tray at the bottom of the device. Dispensing with the companion app can also be done with intuitive controls. For example, users can shake their phone like they would a standard salt shaker or pinch the phone’s screen for a standard pinch of salt.

Cooking with Smalt is even easier for users of Amazon Alexa. Simple voice commands like, “Alexa, dispense half a teaspoon of salt,” offers users a third hand in the kitchen. Smalt will do the measuring while people focus on the task at hand. For people with high blood pressure, Smalt also offers an easy way to monitor salt consumption. This allows users to easily check in an control their intake for a healthier heart.

Smalt is more than just a salt shaker. With its built-in mood lighting and Bluetooth 4.0 speaker, Smalt becomes an interactive centerpiece. There are two main ways to control the color-changing lights and sound — directly from the device interface or via the companion app. Powering the device is a rechargeable battery, offering up to four hours of energy until it’s time for a recharge.

Smalt is currently available for pre-order through its IndieGoGo campaign. Early buyers can purchase the smart salt dispenser at the discounted price of $99. Funding has reached nearly 25 percent of its goal in just a few hours with deliveries estimated for March 2018.

To completely remove all the guesswork from cooking, pair Smalt with the new Tasty One Top smart induction burner.