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Limited-edition ‘Destiny 2’ PS4 Pro bundle comes with new, white console

In recent generations, consoles have steered toward minimal, black designs to better blend in with the rest of an entertainment center. Many people have enjoyed this trend, but many remain who want their consoles to stand out. With the upcoming limited-edition Destiny 2 PlayStation 4 Pro bundle, fans will have a chance to stand out with a white console.

On Monday, the PlayStation Blog revealed this limited-edition bundle includes a copy of Destiny 2 and a code for its expansion pass, which includes access to two add-ons and a digital content pack. Destiny 2‘s Digital Deluxe Edition contains a similar content pack that includes a legendary sword, legendary emote, and a Cabal Empire-themed emblem.

The big draw with this limited-edition bundle is the Glacier White PS4 with a matching controller. This console comes with a 1 TB hard drive and is currently the only way to purchase a white PS4 Pro. With the Digital Deluxe edition selling for $100 and the standard PS4 Pro selling for $399, the Glacier White Destiny 2 PS4 Pro bundle offers a great deal at only $450 in the United States. This $50 in savings is perfect for Destiny fans who were already looking to upgrade to the PS4 Pro.

Historically, this is a repeat of Destiny‘s launch. Sony marked the original game’s launch as a perfect time to release the Glacier White version of the original PS4. While the color variant was originally only available through this bundle, it eventually sold separate from the bundle, but only in Europe. Already this year, Sony has released white, gold, and silver versions of the slim PS4. The Glacier White PS4 Pro marks the first variant offered for the premiere console.

The limited-edition Destiny 2 PS4 Pro bundle launches alongside the game on September 6. In the meantime, Destiny fans have the chance to try out the Destiny 2 beta next week. This open beta kicks off on July 18 and lasts through July 23. Here, players will have the chance to try out multiple play modes including the main campaign, a strike mission, and competitive play. Each of the new subclasses will be available to check out.

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