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PS Plus subscribers can get PS4’s most underrated exclusive for free next month

Sony announced the three-game lineup that PlayStation Plus Essential subscribers can redeem for free throughout the month of August. It’s an odd batch of titles that includes a sports game, one of 2021’s best indies, and a user-generated, content-focused PS4 exclusive that never got the love it deserved.

Specifically, those three games are PGA Tour 2K23, Death’s Door, and Dreams.

PGA Tour 2K23 is the golf sister series of the NBA 2K franchise that also had a game on PS Plus earlier this year. It gives exactly the kind of experience you’d expect from a golf simulator and even comes with a Course Designer that lets players create and share golf courses.

If a sports game doesn’t interest you, Death’s Door might. It’s an indie game that first released as an Xbox exclusive in 2021 and is an isometric action game where you play as a crow attempting to get its soul back. It features intense, satisfying combat that rivals that of Hades, all while sporting a stark, macabre style.

Art fights a giant bird in Dreams.
Sony Interactive Entertainment

But the most intriguing game that’s part of the August PS Plus lineup is Dreams. This game from Media Molecule is an ambitious creation tool where players can devise entire games that players can share online. While there are plenty of neat games to try in Dreams, the game never quite got the attention from the public (or Sony) that it needed to be very successful. Media Molecule stopped actively updating Dreams earlier this year. This, along with a recent announcement that allows creators to monetize things they made in Dreams, appear to be part of the final sendoff the developers are giving this ambitious, but ultimately underrated PS4 exclusive. Even if you don’t plan on making anything, it’s worth downloading so you can try out a couple of player creations.

These three games will become available on August 1, so make sure you download July’s free PS Plus Essential games before then.

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