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Destiny 2: The Final Shape’s new subclass combines light and dark

Prism character art for Destiny 2: The FInal Shape.

We finally got another look at the Destiny 2: The Final Shape expansion today via a new gameplay preview from Bungie. We learned more about the new Prismatic subclasses and other features coming to the expansion.

With the Prismatic subclass, players will be able to wield Light and Darkness powers. Each has a meter that fills up as players use that kind of attack. When both are filled, players enter a state called Transcendence, where players get a grenade ability unique to each class alongside other buffs.

Another new The Final Shape gameplay feature is Exotic class items that come with up to two special perks. Overall, many of The Final Shape’s new features are meant to give players the building blocks to discover a lot of wacky abilities and perk combinations. You can get the best taste of what some of these combinations are by watching the full gameplay preview.

Destiny 2: The Final Shape Developer Gameplay Preview

Destiny 2: The Final Shape was first announced last May at the PlayStation Showcase. This expansion will serve as a culmination of sorts for Destiny 2’s story as players are finally confronting The Witness and a new enemy faction named the Dread in a place called The Pale Heart. Originally intended to be released earlier in 2024, Bungie delayed the expansion to June 4 amid layoffs at the studio last October. Now, this expansion, which is set to serve as a culmination of sorts for Destiny 2′s story as players are finally confronting The Witness, is almost here.

Destiny 2: The Final Shape will launch on June 4. In the meantime, players will also be able to try out new content added during the two-month Into the Light event currently running.

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