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Save your knees and your ride with durable, recyclable Capsule skateboards

Capsule Skateboards - Indiegogo Campaign Video
Skateboarding is more than a hobby enjoyed by millions of people around the world — it also makes for a great way to commute. There is still room for improvement in that area, as skateboarding can tan take a toll on both boards, which typically have short life spans, and riders, in the form of knee injuries caused by low impact absorption. With an entirely new material for its skateboards and longboards, Capsule is looking to improve the boarding experience for both the rider and the board.

Each year, more than half of the skateboarding community purchases more than four new boards. Standard skateboard decks are made from maple for their flexibility, but they can’t handle the stress for very long. Even more expensive boards reinforced with carbon fiber fail in time.

Capsule skateboards and longboards use new materials that share the same consistency and properties of maple, but are six times more durable, impact absorbing, and waterproof. Unlike traditional maple decks, Capsule decks are 100 percent recyclable. Other benefits include higher pops, faster slides, and a zero chance of delamination.

Made from polymer material, the boards can be ground back into granulates to make new boards. According to Capsule, this has the potential save millions of maple trees. One tree takes 60 years to grow and creates about 50 wooden skateboard decks. By saving one tree, carbon dioxide in the air can be reduced by 54 kilograms per year, Capsule says. It only takes 15 capsule boards to replace 50 wooden ones, saving an entire tree. In other words, one single capsule skateboard saves about four years of tree growth.

Traditional skateboards cost about $50 on average. While not enough to break the bank, this adds up whenever a deck breaks. Capsule skateboards are currently on IndieGoGo starting at $75. These boards come in three different designs including Action Figure, Space Cat, and Flight Path. Longboards are also available starting at $125, and come in two different varieties. The more square diamantus boards feature the patterns Launch or Eclipse. Circaetus boards, with their more narrow design, feature the patterns Mars or Propaganda. Boards are scheduled for delivery in February 2018. For more information, check out Capsule’s instructional video.

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